So I thought I’d write a fun article about my favorite video game related memes. Over the years everyone has heard the classics like “do a barrel roll” and “all your base are belong to us” but I want to point out some funny ones that many not be as common. So let’s get started:

One set of various memes always hits me right in the funny bone: the Pokepuns. I’m not exactly sure where or when these originated but I do know that they can be amazing and hilarious. Everyone who’s anyone these days can remember the original 151 Pokemon, all these new-fangled ones are more difficult to keep track of, but the classics make for the best Pokepuns!

Another set that I particulalry am attracted to are the “I didn’t ask for this” memes. These originated from the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The main character was augmented after a bad accident (well, there’s more to it than that but you can play the game to learn more) and whenever his augments are brought up he tends to say “I didn’t ask for this” since, well, he didn’t technicaly. But he also didn’t ask to become a meme and look where that got him! Adan Jenson makes my day when I see hims memes around the internet.

This one is a popular meme, one that I am personally tired of but did like at one point, is the “arrow to the knee” meme. This one came about when Skyrim came out. A generic line that random guards will say to you is “I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the knee”. Now I know at first it doesn’t sound comical, and really it isn’t, the funny part is all the memes that generated off of it. Such sayings like “I used to like going to work, until I took an arrow to the knee” started popping up, people were using this for everything! My personal favorite is the Garrus Vakarian “Arrow to the knee you say? Well I took a missle to the face” one. Man, some of these offshoots were just so funny. But then, like all good things on the internet, it was way overdone too quickly. Maybe one day it will come back and we will all think it’s funny again but who knows.

The last meme I will discuss here is a lesser know, but still funny one: the “press X to Jason” meme. This one generated from the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. Near the beginning of the game you play as a father looking for his lost son Jason in a crowded mall. This game has some amazing dynamics that allow you to choose from different options as they float on the screen with different buttons, so while you are looking for your son all you see is: (X) Jas0n. I know, I bet you would be thinking “what the heck does that mean?” when you are playing the game, but when you press it all things become apparent. Basically all pressing X will do is make you character yell “Jason?” while looking around, thus “press X to Jason.”