Bulletstorm is a first person shooter developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, and published by EA. The game focuses on shooting, hence the title, and is very good at making the shooter aspects brilliant. The game takes place in the 26th century where a Confederation of Planets is in place and effectively runing the universe. A man named General Sarrano runs a black ops team which is used to do his dirty work, unbeknownst to them. The character you play as, Grayson Hunt or “Gray” (voiced by Steve Blum), is the leader of Dead Echo which is Sarrano’s lead black ops group. The team makes sure that every target handed to them by Sarrano is taken care of, until they kill one specific target and realize that all the targets that have been given to them are innocent people. Sarrano lied to them, and once they figured out the truth Dead Echo deserts and goes rogue. Hunt’s one mission to give Sarrano the payback he deserves and his team follows him into hell to accomplish this goal. Thus, the story begins.

As I previously said, the game focuses heavily on fantastic shooter aspects including the addition of the Skill Kill system. Skill Kills are kills that you accomplish through doing unique things such as kicking an enemy into a cactus to kill him or simply getting the kill with a headshot. Each of these kills gives you a certain amount of points depending on how unique the kill is. Some Skill Kills will only give you 25 points whereas other could give you 500 or more points. Each weapon in the game has it’s own set of Skill Kills and there are also random Skill Kills as well. There is a set of Skill Kills availiable for the Leash too, the Leash is a weapon attached to Gray’s hand and can be used to pull objects or enemies into certain positions. The points you accumulate through Skill Kills are used at special pods called Dropkits. In these Dropkits you can buy ammo, switch out your primary weapons, buy weapon charges, look at the Skillshot database, and view your statistics (such as how many kills and Skill points you have accumulated overall). The charges you can buy for your weapons are special upgrades that allow you to use a charge to use the power associated with the gun. For example, the main assault rifle’s charge is a burst of 100 bullets at once which obliterates most enemies. There will also be times in the game where you don’t even have to use ammo, using the leash or kicking the enemy can kill them without one bullet being used.

The enemies you fight in Bulletstorm range from simple, to miniboss, to full on boss. The simple enemies are the mutants you face while going through the campaign, your average enemies. The minibosses are usually bigger, armored characters with miniguns or grenade launchers. They are more difficult to fight but give you more Skill points for simply killing them. The boss fight (there is really only one major boss fight) is in-depth and tough, making normal difficulty a struggle. Bulletstorm implements a survival horror feeling in certain areas, to break the shooter monotony. You will be crawling through small areas, under pipes, or walking through dark areas and see things that may startle you if you don’t expect it. It’s nothing major, just a simple feeling that gives the game mood more depth. Bulletstorm has a very good story, as it progresses you get more information about the characters which makes you care more for the situation they are in or hate them more if they are an enemy. Sarrano, the main antagonist, is easy to hate since he is very evil and hateful towards the other characters. He is a very good enemy because of this. This game is just tough enough to make lower difficulties feel like a challenge but not overwhelming, on the flip side the game can be very tough on the harder difficulties. Bulletstorm does feature 5 different difficulties ranging from very easy to very hard.

Keep in mind that this game is rated M for mature for a good reason. It is very vulgar and very bloody. The characters are delightfully and excessively foul mouthed, so kids shouldn’t be around when this is being played for sure. It is also very gory, no more gory than a game series like Gears of War though, but again beware of that if children are present. For adults, this game is very humorous with memorably vulgar and comical quotes. The characters play off each other well by poking fun at one another and joking with with each other. This aspect makes the dialog memorable, and more that just simple dialog.

Overall, I decided to give this game an 8. The story was very good for a shooter, which is a game genre that can usually omit good story and still be decent, and had very well done characters. The dialog was hilarious and the gameplay was unique and fun. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes shooters or just likes fun games.