It seems as if nothing can ever be good enough for gamers these days. Some games are too much, some too little, nothing seems to ever be just right to the masses. This leads me to ponder: Are gamers asking for too much?

Game companies continue to develop games that are new and improved sequels, or parts of existing series’, or completely new projects all together. The sad part is that no matter how well they do at making the game enjoyable, with good gameplay or neat graphics, people will undoubtedly react to it with negativity. The negativity wont be because they just didn’t really care for it, or the story just wasn’t for them, but rather because it wasn’t well done enough. It wont be up to par with other likable games, it wont be enough of a jump from a previous game, or it simply wont be exactly what people are looking for.

Examples of this strange phenomenon can be found everywhere these days. Either from the ordeal about the Mass Effect 3 ending, endings not being perfect in general, DLC not being free, or sequel’s not being exactly like the predecessor(s).  It doesn’t stop there, I could spend all day siting examples of unnecessary disappointment in games. The weirdest thing is that there are plenty of completely necessary reasons to be upset with certain games or companies, such as maybe the on-disc DLC problem that is become more frequent these days.

My main point here is that people can’t seem to appreciate that video games are a luxury in today’s society. The only people who make a living off them are the developers and others who make the games, we players just play for fun in our spare time. There is no need to stress out so much over something so small. I’m the last person I thought I’d hear this from, for me to say it at all is strange, but gaming is not that important for the average person. In fact, it seems to be more detrimental as of late since all the anger and frustration people feel for these games can’t be healthy. I mean, for example, if people used all the time they spent sending hate messages to Bioware about the ending of Mass Effect 3 and put it into something productive like going outside and playing a sport, or hanging out with friends, or even raising money for charities they would be happier than any game could make them. Those are just a few examples, the time could be spent doing anything other that gaming, maybe playing an instrument, reading a book, or starting a new hobby even. Or, a more game related alternative, constructive criticism in the proper forums as opposed to arguing with blatant anger and hatred all across the world wide web.

Don’t get me wrong, I love gaming and it is a large part of my life, but I also accept things for what they are. If I don’t like a game, then I don’t like it. I get it, some games just aren’t your cup of tea. It happens, you can’t love everything all the time, but it’s also not right to hate everything all the time when the negativity is not due. Maybe one day things will turn back around and people will be able to accept games and realize they are just video games. As of right now though, things are moving in the opposite direction.