I remember a time when there was a common brotherhood among gamers. We would stick together and work together, under any circumstance, to help out a fellow gamer. It’s too bad that is hardly the case nowadays. You can’t get into a match without someone stealing your kills, refusing to revive you or help you in any way, and getting furious at you for missing your shot. Don’t get me wrong here, competitiveness is a plus and it helps you strive to defeat your opponents, but being competitive to the point of hostility with your own teammates is uncalled for. This hate and anger spans the globe and effects each gender, but it very different ways.

Everyone knows that girls are typically the meaner sex, they look for drama everywhere and like to put other girls and even men down in the process. When it comes to gaming, that behavior is ten-fold. On average, girl gamers like to make it a point that they are girls and they are not there to play around. If another girl gamer steps in their way, it’s a battle royal for attention and favor from the guys. This means doing everything you can to put the other girl down, and make her leave. Sadly, a lot of non-aggressive females get stuck in this scenario. Some girls do just want to have fun, and they do that through gaming. The angry girls do stand out, that’s for sure. I can’t remember every friendly girl I’ve come across through gaming, but I can detail every encounter I’ve had with the mean ones. Bottom line: Girl gamers need to stick together. We make up 40% of the gaming community, yet half the time we can’t stand to even be around each other without talking smack and throwing put-downs around like thrashballs. The animosity between girls online and through gaming needs to come to an end, after all, why can’t we be friends?

Men can be scary when it comes to gaming. They hold grudges like no other. They also tend to be the more aggressively competitive sex. They want to win, and any teammate who isn’t pulling their weight will definitely get chewed out. You will also get chewed out if you take their kill, don’t get to them in time to revive them, get in their way, help too much, not help enough, stop moving for a second to answer a text, get killed, talk to much, talk to little, don’t get enough kills, get more kills than them, or simply don’t have a microphone. And that is if they are on your team, the list is way bigger if they are your opponent. It’s a scary world out there when you are gaming with aggressive guys. I’ve caught myself having panic attacks because I get so stressed about what to do, what not to do, am I doing enough or am I sucking eggs, is he going to yell at me now, why is he so quiet, is he writing me a hate message, etc. Men like to make other men feel like little girls, they like to make women feel like little girls too. In the process of doing that they make sure to curse like a sailor and insult you on a personal level. I mean they will bring your little brother and you hamster into it, making you just want to go and cry in a corner, away from the console or computer.

Men and women need to work together when gaming, that my friends is what will make the world go around. My advice to you until hell freezes over and that day comes is to make sure you are friendly to everyone, at least at first. Try to be polite and watch what you are doing until you get a feel for how your team plays. If they like to play as a team, then play as a team. If they like to play as a pack of lone wolves, then you are on your own. If you join up with a group of friends and you are the person no one knows, then don’t be annoying and start talking to them like you have known them since kindergarten. If you are joined up with a girl, just treat her like one of the guys. Most true gamer girls like it better that way, I mean you don’t have to call them a guy or anything, but don’t act like they are some kind of goddess simply because they are a girl. Save that for when you see how skillful they are at the game. If you have a hard time socializing with others, then maybe decide to not turn your mic on. Find a good group of friends that you can always rely on to have your back and game with you. That’s the best advice I have, make sure to find friends you get along with and game on. To conclude, gaming is supposed to be fun. So have fun and enjoy yourself while you still can.

*Cue “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” By War*