Action Figures Galore!

I noticed lately that a lot of new action figures are surfacing, and some old ones are resurfacing. Both ways equal W-I-N for us. I decided to post a few pictures of awesome toys I’ve found, some new – some old. I’d also like to show you all a few pictures of my action figure collection, and encourage you to post pictures of yours!

My collection:

 Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment with a link to the figures on your wishlist or to the ones in your collection. Let’s see what you all have!

11 thoughts on “Action Figures Galore!

  1. Nice collection. Here are some of the figures I have been eye-ing for a while.
    Big Boss
    Hellsing’s Alucard, many choices.
    Kamina would also be pretty cool to have. A Simon figure wouldn’t be a bad idea right here. 🙂


  2. I have to wait a bit before i can post my collection but i just came across a 12” Spawn figure, Issue #7. Its excellent. Nice collections to you as well. And i like that Pike’s Place Brewing company patch ya got. Good beer! HAHA!


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