5 Seriously Underrated Games Of This Generation

We all have our favorite games, and the games we hate, and all those in between – but what about games we never heard about or never even knew existed? What about that games that got some bad scores so you decided not to play them when really they are pretty good? I decided it was time to point out a few of those games, since to be honest – there are way too many to put in one article. These are some games I have played that I felt were looked over and simply underrated.

1. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

This game was overlooked, it seems. There were seemingly only a handful of people who played this game, and the ones who didn’t missed out. Now the game is not at all the best game ever, but it’s pretty darn good. The characters, the scenery, and the story were really something special. I myself didn’t even play this one for a long time, then I looked through my boyfriend’s game collection and saw it. I asked him if it was any good and he said “I don’t know, I haven’t played it yet.” I knew that meant I needed to check it out, I mean I felt bad seeing it just sitting there, unplayed and alone. I fell in love with the game within the first hour of playing it, I can’t explain it, it was just really good. When I beat the game and started asking around and seeing what people thought, I realized hardly anyone I asked had even played it. I went online, not many played it there either. Sadly, it just got overlooked. I hope that more people find this one and give it a shot, it’s totally worth it.

2. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

So sadly, this Castlevania reboot was massively underrated. When it was released, people wrote it off as a God of War clone and said it was not at all good. Well a lot of those people must not have even played it, I mean really? A clone? Any game that is somewhat hack and slash is a clone then… No one seemed to say that about Bayonetta. Anyway, sadly this great game was only truly appreciated by fans of the Castlevania series and some other adventurous people maybe. Castlevania LoS seemed to come and go quickly, which is too bad since it was really a neat game. The story and gameplay were fun and interesting, and that voice cast – Jason Isaacs, Patrick Stewart, and Robert Carlyle? Forget about it! Good stuff, for sure. I hope this game will get it’s time in the spotlight one day, if for nothing else at least for the Castlevania nostalgia factor.

3. Prince of Persia (2008)

This one kills me, I mean this game was so great yet received little to no love from the general population. The gameplay and scenery was stunning, I mean jumping around in a cell shaded utopia of colors and styles. The darkness that is driven away by light, the enemies, it was all very beautiful. Sadly it never took off and fans of the series seemed to write it off as a failure. It’s too bad though, I mean it was far from perfect, but it was definitely very fun. I really enjoyed how you can incorporated the female side character, Elika, into your fighting sequences. Maybe the game was a bit repetitive, but hey, a lot of games are these days. I don’t think a little repetitiveness is a bad think all the time. Many people may not agree with me when it comes to this one and it being undeservingly underrated, but I think it really got overlooked for the wrong reasons.

4. Red Faction: Guerrilla

It may surprise some of you to see this game on a list of underrated games, because it was good and did have a good amount of fans. But did anyone notice how quick the hype died off? You mention Red Faction Guerrilla nowadays and people tend to have no recollection that the game exists. Maybe this was because the story was a little lackluster, but people shouldn’t forget that it was a fantastic open world destructive game with fun gameplay. Being able to destroy anything and everything you see was a fun aspect, and running around the world doing whatever you wanted in the process made the game enjoyable and worth playing. Plus, the multiplayer was great! I mean that kept the game going for a lot of people, but it wasn’t enough. This game has sadly fallen to the depths of forgotten games, and it may have to remain there.

5. Alice: Madness Returns

Here we have sad case of unnecessary bad reviews mucking up the works. When this brilliant sequel to American McGee’s Alice was released, people didn’t seem to know much about other than what a couple of reviews said about it. It was called boring, repetitive, and downright bad – but all of that was a bit much. If people just gave Alice: Madness Returns a chance they would see just how amazing it is. The scenery and color schemes as well as gameplay and storyline were all very beautiful and well thought out by the developers. A lot of time and artwork was put into this game to make it beautiful, dark, creepy, and overall enjoyable. It’s funny that a lot of people who never played it before but are playing it now seem to love it and wonder “Why haven’t I played this before?” Maybe a trend is starting, maybe the word will be spread about this game and more people will give it a chance. I can only hope, those who haven’t played it are seriously missing out.

-Honorable Mention-

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Now this one didn’t make the main list because it was pretty well received and was played by a lot of people, so it wasn’t necessarily underrated. The reason it’s an honorable mention is mainly due to the lack of buyers at first. This game game out a bad time, less than a month before Mass Effect 3 and a few months after Skyrim, two huge RPG franchises that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning just didn’t blend with. Sadly because of this it’s take off was slow, but I feel as if it is making it’s way into the hearts of many gamers and hopefully more people will spread the word and promote this game.

Well, that’s all folks! For more information on Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Alice: Madness Returns, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning be sure to check out my reviews here. Happy gaming all, and make sure you let me know in the comments what you think the the most underrated game of this generation!

21 thoughts on “5 Seriously Underrated Games Of This Generation

  1. I have been wanting to play Enslaved, Lods of Shadow, and Alice: Madness Returns for a while now. I played Red Faction and was blown away for how awesome it was. KoA I also look forward to playing. it really is sad how these games end up under appreciated. Especially Prince of Persia 2008, I would have to be much smarter than I am to express how much I love that game. It is definitely sad how these gems slip by the masses now, it is sad to see them go by with little to no recognition because everyone is off playing multiplayer games. I think we all know which games they are.


  2. I was happy to see Alice on here. Bad reviews and critical panning aside, I rather liked the off-the-wall craziness that it brought to the party.


    • Me too, it was one of my favorite games of 2011, I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and seeing the creepy take on the original story was really entertaining!


  3. Yea I played all the way through Alice: Madness Returns and I had a blast all the way through. To be honest, there were a few times that I got tired of the platforming, but overall this game was simply amazing. I think the pre-release hype for it wasn’t bad, but I think it was forgotten too quickly.


  4. Yea, I love these games, and my friends are like DUDE THAT GAME IS “GAY” come play COD and im like pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt………………………………………………….


  5. I found this list very clever, because I’ve played 4 of the 5 games and I absolutely love all of them. I’ve played through Castlevania 3 times, just to get that precious platinum. PoP is a stunning game and Elika is one of my favorite sidekicks of all time. I haven’t played Alice yet, but I loved the first Alice game and I have every intention of getting this one as well.

    I’m currently playing Amalur and I love it. It reminds we of Neverwinter nights. Not the gameplay per se, but the overall feel of the game. The adventure, the world. Plus Amalur has one thing that no other RPG has. Ridiculously fun combat, nuanced almost as much as a hack ‘n slash game.

    You’re my kind of gamer, ladycroft3!


  6. With the amount of games that come out every week, it’s exceedingly difficult for a game to stay in conversation and remain hyped, outside dedicated fans of a series. I myself hardly stay in the conversation anymore, since I rarely buy games on release, and hype has all but ended after a week or 2. The only game I can think of that has stayed in general conversation for ages last year is Skyrim. People were talking about that for months, and I have a feeling that the newly announced expansion will bring it right back into the minds of the general populace.

    I’d nominate Shadows of the Damned for this list, absolutely loved it. Valkyria Chronicles as well, fantastic strategy game that looked gorgeous too.


  7. Very few games these days stay in the gaming public’s consciousness for very long. The sheer amount of games coming out all the time, and the fact that people have many varied tastes, means that it’s very unlikely you’ll find the entire internet* talking about any game for a long period of time. Outside their dedicated communities, you hardly see conversation of a game maybe a month or 2 after release. By this point the day one purchasers have beaten it and moved onto something else, or they’ve found a little niche discussion board to talk about the game on.
    The only examples I can think of where a game was discussed long after release recently are Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3. Both are quite lengthy games, but I suspect ME3 was only really talked about thanks to it’s ending.

    As far as suggestions for this list, I’d nominate Shadows of the Damned and Valkyria Chronicles. Both games were particularly successful compared to other major releases, but were absolutely fantastic games for the people who appreciated them.


  8. I also stumbled on a enslaved awhile back and it kept me entertained for awhile but got distracted and never returned to it and I must admit I am also guilty of overlooking Alice due to reviews. Which is actually strange because a I was a huge fan of the original Alice.

    One game that I think definitely deserved more appreciation was Darksiders. I played it a few weeks ago for the first time and was blown away just in time to get excited for the upcoming sequel!


    • Darksiders is a good one for the list too, I didn’t personally care for it too much but it was a good game and had a great story!
      Also, you should definitely check out Alice: MR if you liked the first one, it’s really great!


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