I was gaming today and I got to thinking, some video games villains are just so much fun to hate. Some make such brilliant enemies that you almost feel bad having to take them out or stifle them in any way. So I picked my top 5 favorite villains that I simply love to hate, and decided to detail a little bit about why I feel that way about them. Also, be sure to add in the comments your list of villains that you love to hate! So let us begin:

Queen Myrrah (Gears of War)

I have a few reasons why I love to hate Myrrah. One would be her confidence, confidence that she is a Locust (even though, I don’t know man, but she looks human) and that she is superior to everyone else. Another would be her ability to be a huge jerk, yet sound completely eloquent while doing so. I mean really, she is such a ass but it’s almost fun to let her make your blood boil because she talks so proper and almost politely. Lastly, she is just a damn good villain, like all the others on this list.

GLaDOS (Portal)

GLaDOS isn’t the typical villain, but she sure is evil and sadistic nonetheless. She wants you to test, even if it kills you. One of the best things about GLaDOS is her dialog in the two Portal games, it’s  both funny and creepy at the same time. She keeps secrets, harbors resentment, and feigns forgiveness all while holding ultimate control over you which is why she has made my list.

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) 

If you look up “badass” in the dictionary, Albert Wesker’s face should be right beside the definition. He is a true villain and he is one of the best. Throughout the Resident Evil series I grew to love and hate Wesker at the same time, mainly for one reason: He is just plain cool. He has some awesome moves, he can teleport, he’s smart, and frankly he is just better than most people – and he knows it. The cocky attitude puts him on my list, and makes him one of my all time favorite villains.

Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)

Throughout the Zelda series we get to know Ganon, but at the same time we still don’t seem to know all that much about him. He makes a great adversary and is constantly willing to surprise players with new ways of being evil. His pure evil nature is what lets him make this list, that and the fact he is the main villain in a great game series.

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy VII would not have been nearly as good without a villain such as Sephiroth, in my opinion. His handsome, suave demeanor makes him a hit with the ladies, and his fantastic ability to be a sociopathic bad guy worth loving to hate makes him a hit with everyone. In the game you almost want to see him appear even though you know he will bring chaos and destruction with him, nevertheless he is a welcome sight to the villain lover in all of us.