• Game: Diablo III (D3 for short)
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Genre: Action/adventure, hack and slash, dungeon crawl, role-playing
  • Platform(s): PC

Diablo III takes place in a fictional world called Sanctuary, twenty years after its predecessor Diablo II. The game begins with a scene in which a man named Deckard Cain, and his niece Leah, are at the Tristram Cathedral studying ancient texts regarding an ominous prophecy about the end of days. As an object falls from the sky and crashes through the cathedral it consumes Cain right before Leah’s eyes. She heads into New Tristram and meets your character, known as the Nephalem, and asks for help in finding her Uncle. Your character is interested in the fallen object, and agrees to help Leah out. From there, the story takes off.

D3 may be played as a single player game, or cooperatively with friends. Your friends may join and leave your game at will with no negative effects on your story. Likewise, you may join and leave their games as well. In the cooperative mode the enemies gain more strength and are more difficult to kill. The XP is given to each player evenly, regardless of level or effort put into battle. The control scheme is very easy to master, the only keys you will really ever have to use are the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Other than that everything can be done with the mouse by clicking the icons on the screen. If you wish you can use more keys, like pressing M to pull up the map or pressing I to look at your inventory.

Character classes include Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Monk. The Barbarian is a warrior class based on strength and physical prowess. Barbarians are strong enough to cleave through hordes of enemies, and large enough to be physically superior to most enemies. The Demon Hunter is a rogue class based on range and dexterity. Demon Hunters use crossbows and are able to set traps and and dodge enemy attacks. The Witch Doctor is a shaman type class based on spells and voodoo. The Witch Doctor is able to hurl poisons and cast curses on enemies. The Wizard is a sorcery class based on magic and range. The Wizard can shoot magic missiles and cover their body in diamond to absorb attacks. The Monk is a melee class based on martial arts and physical attacks. The Monk can resist damage and attack extremely fast.

There is an auction house available on the main menu in which you can buy new armor and weapons, as well as other things like clothing dye and crafting materials. There are also followers available throughout the game, as you find them you are given the choice to have them join you. If you are playing alone they can be extremely helpful as they will attack enemies and defend you, as well as gain special abilities through leveling up.

Overall, I give this one a 9.5, the gameplay is very fun, the cutscenes are beautiful, and the story is good. It’s definitely worth giving a shot.

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