WARNING: This post contains spoilers for “Batman: Arkham City” and the “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” DLC. Read at your own discretion!

The Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC was released today for Batman: Arkham City, and of course I purchased it and proceeded to play it. The DLC itself was between one and two hours long, but there are a couple of achievements/trophies that, if you are interested in collecting them, make it last a little longer. The basic premise of the DLC is in the title, Harley is out for blood – Batman’s blood. After the death of her beloved Mr. J (AKA The Joker), which she holds Batman 100% responsible for, Harley has gone even more insane that she was previously. She wants revenge on Batman and plans to exact it by setting up a trap in which she ambushes a few G.C.P.D. officers and kidnaps them to lure Batman in. Of course, he knows it’s a trap, but he also knows that Quinn will kill them if he doesn’t do something. Still distraught after the Jokers death, he knows what he has to do, and Batman charges in to save the cops that were kidnapped. When he finds them, Harley Quinn aims her gun at one of the cops and shoots. Batman jumps in front of the bullet and is knocked unconscious, and now Quinn has him held captive in a shrine she built to honor Mr. J, and plans on killing him. This is when Robin, Batman’s sidekick, makes an appearance to save his partner. The DLC proceeds giving you new tasks to complete in order to stop Harley and lots of thugs to fight along the way.

Overall, the DLC was good. I know it has been getting mixed reviews, but if you don’t go in expecting this to be a separate story that will take 5+ hours to complete and rather enter it with the knowledge that it’s more of a wrap-up of events, you will be pleased. I personally enjoyed playing as Robin throughout the DLC since I never bought the add-on content for him in the game. Sadly, Catwoman is nowhere to be found, but hey, I didn’t expect her to be. Harley Quinn is in full on insanity mode as she grieves for  the late Joker, making her a powerfully wacky enemy. At times you almost feel sorry for her, she is lost and helpless without the Joker, making her just like a pathetic little puppy caught out in the rain – until she tries to shoot your head off, then you just want to kick her ass.

Anyway, I would recommend anyone with $10 who owns Batman: Arkham City pick this up, it’s well worth it, and it’s a great wrap-up of the game. Now, we wait for word on the next Arkham game.