Today was the last day of E3 2012! Not too much was posted today that was new, a lot of things were rehashed from past days as a sort of re-cap, I will post what I can but for more, check out! They have been so on top of everything this year, as they usually are, and it has helped me to organize everything and re-cap for you all. Anyway, there may or may not be a video posted here soon of all my thoughts on this years E3, so look out for it or don’t.

Aliens: Colonial Marines:

Multiplayer walkthrough

Beyond: Two Souls:

Debut interview

Devil May Cry:

Dante’s origins interview

Dogfight 1942:

Gameplay walkthrough

Hitman: Absolution:

Story and Choice interview

Injustice: God’s Among Us:

Lead Designer interview

Lifeless Planet:

Debut trailer

LittleBigPlanet: Karting:


Lolipop Chainsaw:

Juliet to the Rescue gameplay

Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance:


Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal:


Resident Evil 6:

Gameplay and Story interview 

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time:

Medieval England walkthrough

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes:


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron:

Vortex Assault Gameplay

Grimlock’s Rage gameplay

The Unfinished Swan:

Extended gameplay

Watch Dogs:

First Take

XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

Behind the Game interview