I was notified yesterday via e-mail that I was invited to participate in the LittleBigPlanet Karting public beta. I had previously take a quick survey in order to find out if I was eleigible to participate, and apparently I was. As soon as I received the e-mail I turned on my PS3 and proceeded to enter the code and download the game, and after it was finished downloading and installing I began to test it out.

The beta includes 5 story levels, 2 challenge levels, and online user-created level access. I began with the first story level, the tutorial. The tutorial goes over the button configuration, drifting, weapons training, and difficulty. Apparently the game can be played in either a casual mode if you wish to cruise along with not much competition or a normal mode for the average player. After the tutorial I went on through the other levels. The story mode appears to be all racing levels (obviously) in which it would seem you need to finish in first place to complete the level. The challenge levels were very fun, one of them is a level in which you have to grab eggs from in front of a fire spitting monster and bring them over to a drop-zone, adding time to the challenge. The goal is to get as many eggs into the drop-zone as you can before time runs out. These challenges are very fun and seems like a great way to take a break from racing.

The beta gives a small insight on the character and kart customization. I was given the choice to pick a default sackperson or to make my own from the items availiable. The defaults were pretty cool, some of the characters from the past LittleBigPlanet games were there and some new ones too, like a the “wannabee”. I chose the rabbit sack person finally, after messing around with the customization options awhile. In LBP Karting you can also customize your kart. You can pick the body, the skin, put stickers on it, choose the wheels, and more. I messed around with that a bit as well, then ended up picking a default kart that suited me perfectly: A cupcake with muffins for wheels and pink frosting on top. Flying through the tracks I look very cool, a pink and white bunny kicking butt while riding in a cupcake. It was awesome to be able to customize so much, even in the beta.

In the beta you can also play user created levels, and make your own. I’m sure that it’s not level creation to it’s full extent, but it gives you a feel of what to expect from the full game. I played a few user created levels and found some dull ones and some fascinating ones. Being able to make your own track is an awesome idea, and keeps with the LittleBigPlanet experience of making your own stuff. Overall, the beta was very enjoyable. As a LittleBigPlanet fan, I am very grateful to have been invited to the beta. Now I can’t wait to get the full game and play with my friends. When you begin the beta, it shows a little message about what the beta includes and what the full game will include, it says:


  • Play some sample races, battles, and mini-games.
  • Create custom levels in a fully 3D Craftworld.
  • Share your custom levels with your friends and the LBP community.

Full game:

  • A story mode experience featuring new creator curators and fresh karting challenges.
  • Split-screen multiplayer for up to four LittleBigPlanetians.
  • Many more Sackboy costumes and karts to choose from and customize.
  • a complete set of level editor tutorials.

As you can see there is much to be expected from the full game, which has the release date sometime this year, though no specific date has been given yet. If any of you were invited to the beta, what were your impressions? If you weren’t invited, are you excited for the game? Let me know what you think, and kart on!

(For more media and information on the game, go here.)