I’ve been playing some horror games as of late and they have got me thinking, what are some of the most frightening enemies gaming has to offer? I came up with six that frighten me the most and why they scare me. There are a lot of scary enemies out there, but these few will always stick out in my mind as the most scary of all. At least until something new comes out that scares me more. Please feel free to comment with your lists, there are tons of freaky characters out there!

6. Licker (Resident Evil)

These things are not only frightening to be around, they are just downright scary looking. The exposed brain, huge claws, and lengthy tongue used to snatch you up with make this creature very inhuman, which makes it hard to relate to in any way – unlike the zombies that make up most of the franchise’s enemies. If you have ever played the first couple of Resident Evil games, you know just how terrifying it is to look up and see a licker glaring down at you, and that’s what helped them make the list.

5. The Taken (Alan Wake)

The Taken are the main enemies Alan Wake faces in his game. They are basically regular people who have been taken by the darkness, causing them to become insane with rage and attack Wake. What makes them scary is the fact that they are normal people, but are totally crazy. They say strange things in a disturbing way and attack you with knives, saws, scythes, and really anything else they can find. They come out of nowhere, just appearing in the darkness, and they charge extremely fast. The Taken make their way on this list by being freaky, crazy, and startling.

4. Necromorphs (Dead Space)

Necromorphs are on this list for obvious reasons, I mean look at that thing. They used to be human but now look like terrifying monsters and the worst part is that they want you dead, and you being dead means you being one of them. They crawl around in vents and walls, making them undetectable until they jump put and make you have to change your underpants. You have to shoot off their arms and legs to take them down, and even then they don’t stay down. Necromorphs like to play dead until you walk up to them, then they pop up and try to eat you up again. They are some of the most startling and horrifying enemies I have ever faced, and they aren’t even at the top of the list.

3. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

What would this list be without Pyramid Head? Even though he is a bit overrated as far as terrifying enemies goes, he is still intensely creepy. Not only are the games themselves enough to keep to you awake at night, there is this guy trying to kill you from time to time. Not only is the big guy dressed up in a bloodied makeshift butcher costume, he is also wielding an oversized cleaver. On top of all that his face and neck are covered by some crazy triangular contraption which obscured his face. I don’t know about all of you, but when I can’t see their faces and they want to kill me, it’s pretty horrific. All these reasons give Mr. Pyramid Head a spot on this list.

2. Gatherers (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

I think it’s pretty obvious why these things are near the top of the list, I mean look at it. It’s not only awful and terrifying to look at due to it’s face… problems, it’s lengthy claws, and disfigured body but if you’ve ever played Amnesia you know they are extremely frightening. In Amnesia, you don’t really fight these things. They just come at you out of nowhere making creepy noises and looking for your body. All you can do is run and hide and hope to whatever god you pray to that it did not see you. Gatherers are only beat out of the number one spot by one enemy, and it’s a terrifying one.

1. Slender Man (Slender)

I know, I know. It doesn’t look like much, but if you have ever played the indie game Slender you know just how horrifying this guy can be. In the game you only have a flashlight to see through the thick darkness, and there is nothing out there but trees in the wilderness you are exploring. Or so you think. This slender man character shows up randomly in the game, and by randomly I mean you can’t see a thing until you turn around and BAM! He’s there, and he kills you. He himself isn’t as horrible to look at the Gatherers set in the number two spot, but it’s more what he represents that is terrifying. Because of all this, slender man is the number one most terrifying enemy in a video game. If you don’t believe me, go play Slender – it’s free – just don’t plan on sleeping after playing it.