• Game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Release Date: September 8, 2010
  • Publisher(s): Frictional Games
  • Developer(s): Frictional Games
  • Genre(s): Survival Horror
  • Platform(s): PC


Amnesia: The Dark Descent begins with a man waking up in a strange castle, unable to remember who he is or where he is. Suffering from amnesia he searches the castle for any clue about his past he finds a letter to him, from him. He learns his name is Daniel and that he must find and kill a man named Alexander who lives in the castle. Daniel begins his adventure into the depths of the castle and learns dark secrets about his past and what he is truly doing there. Throughout his time in the castle Daniel must also avoid detection by creatures who wander the halls, looking for him and trying to take his life. Struggling to keep his sanity through all the horrific events taking place around him, Daniel must find Alexander and learn the truth about the castle and himself.


Amnesia is played in the first person view. The player must walk about the castle, finding letters from Daniel and others as well as solving puzzles. There is no combat in the game, the player must run away and/or hide from the enemies who wander around the halls. Daniel’s sanity is fragile, the player must try to keep him sane throughout the castle. Being in the dark for too long, looking at monsters directly, and witnessing horrifying events will cause Daniel to become insane. Tinderboxes can be found throughout the castle and are used to light candles and torches, staying in the light helps Daniels sanity. The player will also be equipped with a lantern, found early on in the game. This lantern is carried and as long as oil is available it will serve as a helpful light for Daniels sanity, and the players vision. If Daniels sanity falls too low, he will begin to hallucinate and hear unsettling noises, monsters will also be drawn to him. Sanity will be restored upon completing puzzles and in key points of the game. Monsters in the game will attack Daniel if they spot him. Daniel will never be equipped with a weapon throughout the game, so the player is left with only the option to run and hide in surrounding areas until the monster leaves. If a monster spots Daniel, they will chase him until he is out of sight. If they catch him they will kill him. Hiding is the best way to avoid enemies, lights will attract them to Daniels location so a dark room is the best place.


Amnesia is very dark, and very atmospheric. It is meant to startle and terrify the player through creepy and disturbing scenarios. Since Amnesia is strong on atmosphere and a survival horror game, the player should expect a truly frightening experience. Amnesia is supposed to be played in the dark, allowing for the player to fully immerse themselves in the darkness and experience the fear that comes from playing. The audio of the game is perfect for the survival horror feeling. There isn’t much in the way of music, but the surrounding noises and ambient sounds are perfectly done. Voice acting in the game is a little dry, but sounds natural and realistic. There are moments in the game in which Daniel will remember auditory clips from the past. These clips provide insight to past events for Daniel, but also provide a dark and creepy feeling for the player. The graphics are not top of the line, but they are clean and well rounded. The experience doesn’t call for fantastic graphical content so the player will most likely not notice it. Amnesia excels at keeping the player on their toes and making sure that they experience true fear while playing.

Final Score:


My Thoughts:

This game was fantastic! I really enjoyed the scary feeling and the creepy undertones expressed throughout the game. Amnesia was definitely one of the most frightening games I have ever played, but it was also fun and left me wanting to learn more. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is into survival horror games or is looking for a frightening experience.