Hello everyone! So I’ve noticed that I get asked the same questions a lot and I decided to answer them here officially. I also though this would be a good opportunity to tell you all a little more about me in my answers to the questions as well as what to expect from linksaveszelda in the future. If there is something you’d like to know that I don’t address in this post, please let me know and I shall add it in with an answer.

So first off, the question I get asked most: Why do you hate Nintendo? I know that I make it very apparent that I strongly dislike Nintendo. Whether it be through my passive aggressive attempts at never mentioning them or writing anything about their news, making mean jokes about how much they suck, or simply coming out and saying I hate them. This always leaves people asking me “why?” and I’d like to get this on record so here it is. Nintendo owned my childhood. Most of the games I remember playing as a young child were Nintendo games on a Nintendo console, usually the NES or SNES. I love the early Zelda games (Link to the Past is one of my all time favorite games, even today), early Mario games, and games like Mega Man X and Kirby’s Avalanche on the SNES. Even through the N64 era I was pretty much all Nintendo, only occasionally playing games on the PSX and PS2. Then, it all started to falter and change. I rarely played the Gamecube since I never owned one and thus grew out of the Nintendo phase. This is where the dislike begins. I noticed with the Gamecube that a lot of games were just getting repetitive. I mean don’t get me wrong, there were lots of good games but some series’ *cough*Mario*cough* were just the same thing over and over. Then the Wii came out. I immediately disliked the motion controls as I was accustomed to playing with regular gamepads and as time went on it hit me – what a shitty company. Over the past few years I became angry with Nintendo, knowing that they had my heart when I was a child and have now lost whatever shred of respect I still had for them. It offended me that they continuously released the same game with a different title yearly, and if you think Call of Duty is bad at that, think of this: at least there aren’t 2-3 Call of Duty games released every year that are the same as the ones last year. By that I am referring to the Mario Kart released every year and Mario games in general being released all the time. Sure, I know it probably hasn’t been one every year but when you think about all the awesome games Nintendo wielded in the past and see that they stick to Mario year after year it’s sickening.

What happened to the good ol’ days?

I mean, what happened to good Zelda games? Review wise it seems like Twilight Princess was the last decent one. What happened to good Metroid, Mega Man, and Kirby games? Few of those are released if ever and usually get awful reviews. The worst part is their handheld game systems. I swear, every year they give parents a new hassle by coming out with “DSi!” then “DSi XL!” then “3DS!” then “3DS XL!” and so on. I mean really? It’s just a game of money that they know they can nab off some parent trying to make their child happy. People think Microsoft is bad yet they never even look at the stuff Nintendo gets away with daily. It’s sad, and that my friends is why I hardily dislike Nintendo. That being said, this all brings me to another question I get asked: Why is your site titled after Zelda games is you hate Nintendo? My childhood is the reason that this site is named “linksaveszelda” and also since I believe that the Zelda series is the only good series Nintendo still has. I can never deny that Nintendo shaped me as a gamer, and that I still owe them for the great memories.

Another question I get pretty often that tends to have a simple answer is: Why do you go by ‘LadyCroft’ and what’s with the 3? It may or may not be obvious, but I love Lara Croft. I have played all the Tomb Raider games since the first one came out on the PSX. She is my gaming heroine and the one character I attach myself to. I believe this is because she is a strong, independent woman who never seems to need anyone’s help to be a badass and I tend to relate to that. A lot of female characters in the media today (and especially in my childhood) always seem to rely on a friend or partner for help, but Lara never does. She has friends that help, sure. But she doesn’t use them as a crutch to hold her up. She is also, contrary to beliefs brought on by her getup, not a slut or hussy like a lot of women in the media are. Yea, she wears little shorts and tanktop but hey, she’s usually in the jungle or desert. I’d wear that too if it was 90 degrees with 70%+ humidity or 120 degrees and dry. She isn’t always in those areas but the costume has become a staple so they just left her in it regardless, I suppose. Honestly though, compared to what I see girls wearing around here where I live, Lara’s on par with nuns. There are various reasons why I like her and those reasons are what made me choose ‘LadyCroft’ as an e-persona. The 3 came about when I noticed that the name ‘Lady Croft’ was taken on the Xbox 360. I had to come up with a number and the first one was 19 (my age at the time). I went through a few names changes after that like SailorSaturn03 and LadyVakarian but always came back to LadyCroft and mainly the 3 was the final choice of number since 3 is my lucky number.

*drools* She’s such a beast!

The next question I get asked a lot is: What is it like being a girl on the internet/in gaming? My answer to that is simple: I don’t really know how it’s different than being a guy because I don’t care. I hate to say it that way, but I really don’t care that I’m a girl who plays games and that it’s supposed to be some sort of special thing. I know it’s hard, since my name everywhere is ‘Lady’Croft but I really don’t care if people think I’m a guy on the web or in gaming. To me, gaming isn’t about gender so it tends to blow over my head until I get the hate message calling me a “stupid c**t whore”. Also, to answer another question I get asked in regards to this subject, I didn’t come up with ‘LadyCroft’ in order to show off my gender. Lara Croft is a Lady in British hierarchy, so she is often referred to as Lady Croft or the Lady of Croft manor. So no, I didn’t really put it there to get recognized for my genitalia although it does draw attention and there is nothing I can do about it. To be honest, I’m not ashamed about it nor do I intentionally hide my gender or show it, I’m proud to be a girl playing games. Not because I’m a girl and “OMG IT’S A GIRL! She must be hot and awesome” but because I never let the “girls don’t play video games unless it’s mario kart’ mindset discourage me.

What? Women play games? Pics or it didn’t happen.

I believe that I make a good name for myself out there by being good at games and not constantly saying things like “I’m so cool because I’m a girl gamer!” because I don’t think that is what makes me cool. What makes me cool is who I am, girl or not, and that’s what makes me happy. Also, on the subject, I hate the term ‘girl gamer’ a whole lot. It just segregates females who play video games by suggesting there are two genders of gamers instead of just gamers in general. If girls ever want to be taken seriously in the gaming world, they need to stop acting like they are special or different simply because of their gender. Woman have fought and died for equality for centuries around the world, don’t spit in their faces by intentionally separating the genders on this subject.

The last question that has been asked a lot is: What are your favorite games? This one is always tough, since naming off all of my favorite games through my 2 decades of gaming would take awhile and I would always miss a few. I tend to answer this one with games stick out to me at the time. I mean classics like Super Mario World will always be in my list of favorites, but as of right now they aren’t on my mind. I have 2 favorite game series’, one being Tomb Raider (duh) and the other being Mass Effect. I obviously like more than just those games, but picking favorites is tough. If I had to choose one game that I like more than any other, I’d have to say Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 affected me differently than any other game has. No game before or after has made me cry so many times, and I don’t think anything could. Playing all three games in the Mass Effect series multiple times really solidified the importance of the characters and situation for me, and I have to thank Bioware for creating such amazing games. I looked over at my game collection while typing this and saw so many games that I want to discuss for being awesome, but it would take to long. It’s hard picking just one, but Mass Effect 3 takes the cake if I am forced to choose.

Now as for what to expect in the future here on linksaveszelda, there is really only one thing I wanted to mention. Video reviews will be a new thing featured on the next review I write and every review after that. I have been asked by a few people if I could do it and I always just say I like writing more, but I realized that people don’t always like reading more. The videos will basically be me reading the review to you, but with spunk and a few additions or subtractions and as always they will be spoiler free. I’m not too sure how good my video editing talents are, but I’m going to try to add screenshots and gameplay to the reviews as well.

So there you have it, be sure to ask me any more questions you thing are pertinent and I will answer. Thanks for reading!