Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, founders of the major game developing company Bioware, have announced their retirement. This is obviously leaves fan wondering what will be the future of BioWare? Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare Edmonton and Montreal, assures us that this is not the end of the company. Fans have a lot to look forward to, and there is much more to come from the company.

Yesterday’s announcement of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is not to go unheeded. The third game in the Dragon Age series was announced yesterday. Flynn writes:

“Yesterday, we announced that BioWare is now developing the next chapter of the Dragon Age series. Executive Producer Mark Darrah and our teams have been meeting with fans about what they want in a new Dragon Age game. I love spending time with the Dragon Age team as they work on Inquisition. The thought-provoking discussions, the fun, and most of all, the discovery of what’s possible on a new engine is both exhilarating and humbling.”

As far as the Mass Effect series goes, a new game in the series has been confirmed as well as many more single-player an multiplayer DLC’s for Mass Effect 3. Flynn writes:

“Executive Producer Casey Hudson and his team are coming off an amazing eight-year run with the Mass Effect trilogy. But they’re not done yet. We are releasing more multiplayer content and we have more single-player stories coming throughout the next six months, including Omega which is coming in the Fall. But the Mass Effect universe is vast, and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game. “Where to go next?” with such a project has been a question a lot of us have been asking, and we’d all love to hear your ideas.”

There is more to expect from BioWare than sequels and DLC for existing titles, they are planning a new game series that is completely seperate from their previous series’. Flynn writes:

 “Both Dragon Age and Mass Effect started as single games but grew into vast universes. But we aren’t stopping there. While Casey continues to oversee the development of our new Mass Effect project, he and his leads are putting together their vision for an all new game set in a fictional universe, built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology.”

So there you have it. BioWare is not finished, fans have a lot to look forward to. More Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and even a new title. I wish the best for the company and cannot wait to see what is in store for us!


From Ray Muzyka / From Greg Zeschuk