Hello everyone! So I’d like to extend to you all the opportunity to suggest things for my site here, linksavezelda.com.

My question is: What do you want to see?

Would you like to see more opinion articles?

More reviews?

Better News?

Better writing?

Something else?

Please, let me know! Things are getting busy around here and I now get quite a lot of viewers and followers and I’d like to make my little blog here the best it can be. I’d also like to re-open the opportunity for contributions to the site. If you’d like to write an article or post a video of game related things, let me know! I’d love you give you a post here and get your name out there. All I ask is that it’s game realted and not offensive or extremely poorly written/done.

Thanks again for all the continued support with my blog and my streaming. Both are getting rather big and I really love all the support my fans have given me. Just think, less than a year ago this was all just a dream and now I am considered a true writer and getting offers from other websites and review sites. I feel unworthy! I’d love any feedback you have to offer, so let me know!

You can contact me my either commenting on this post or going to the “Contact” page and contacting me via any of those sources.

Thanks again!