• Game: Dishonored
  • Release Date: October 9, 2012
  • Publisher(s): Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer(s): Arkane Studios
  • Genre(s): First-person, action/adventure, stealth
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC


Dishonor is set in the fictional city of Dunwall, which is modeled after London in the Industrial Era. The city is in turmoil due to a deadly plague running through the city, killing many people and segregating certain areas and buildings due to the fear of contracting the illness. Dunwall is run by an Empress who’s personal bodyguard is Corvo, the legendary main character of the game. The Empress is assassinated in the beginning of the game and her daughter is kidnapped, and Corvo is framed for the murder and disappearance of young Lady Emily. An oppressive leader takes hold of the government after the assassination of the Empress and kidnapping of the only blood heir to the Empress. While in prison waiting to be hung, Corvo receives assistance from a mysterious group and with their help he breaks out of the prison. After meeting with his new found allies, Corvo must exact revenge on the people who killed the Empress and clear his name with their help. Throughout the game Corvo must use his stealth skills along with the new powers he receives from an illusive man called “The Outsider”, who bestows magical powers upon Corvo that assist him in his mission to get revenge. A major part of the game is based on how much chaos the player causes with Corvo. The game shapes itself based on actions taken and chaos caused, so players should be aware of how they are playing the game. There are a few different endings to the game that are attainable based on how the game is played, as well.


Dishonored is played in the first person style and focuses on using stealth. It is possible to play the game using minimal stealth, but it would be very difficult due to minimal health, small amounts of ammo, and abundance of enemies. Playing without using stealth will also create a large amount of chaos, which could create different outcomes and scenarios in the game. Playing with stealth is a bit different than stealth in most games. Corvo’s powers allow for stealth to be easier than simply hiding and hoping to not be seen. Two of the powers he gets that help the most with stealth are Dark Vision and Blink. Dark Vision allows for Corvo to see through walls and other objects for short distances while highlighting enemies, their path of vision, and the direction of the noise Corvo is making when moving. Blink allows Corvo to teleport short distances without being seen. There are plenty of other powers to be gained, upgraded, and used for whatever purpose seems fit. Powers are unlocked via runes found throughout the game by either running across them or by doing favors for NPC’s and getting them as rewards. There are also items called Bone Charms, these can be equipped to give Corvo special perks such as health viles giving mana on occasion and quieter footsteps. There are various other collectibles found through the game like blueprints and The Outsider Shrines, some used to help others used simply for collecting purposes. The powers are fueled by mana, and it’s the players responsibility to make sure enough mana is had and can be used for these powers. The game also features weapons, such as a crossbow and a pistol.The crossbow hold regular bolts, incendiary bolts, and sleep bolts given players a variety of ways to take out enemies. Corvo is also equipped with a bladed dagger, best used when attempting to be silent. Weapons and powers can be interchanged and dual-wielded. There are two ways to eliminate enemies: by killing them or by knocking them out. Killing can either be done silently or face-to-face and knocking an enemy out must be done in stealth. Corvo must be in stealth mode to accomplish stealth kills and hide properly. Hiding throughout the game can be done in the usual ways like behind buildings and bushes, but players can also hide under tables and vehicles. Players will notice though that when Corvo is in stealth mode he cannot be seen by enemies even when he is perfectly visible over or through the cover. There is also the ability to peek around corners and over walls to avoid being spotter by enemies. Different ways of getting to a destination is a key feature of Dishonored. Players can choose from a variety of ways available to them to get into or out of a location. There are a few types of enemies in Dishonored. The main enemies are the soldiers of Dunwall, who are against Corvo based on the belief that he assassinated the Empress and because he broke out of prison. Another type of enemy is the plague victims called “weepers”. The weepers are simply diseased humans who attack with plague and their hands. Other various enemies include packs of rats or fish who bite and attack Corvo.


Dishonored is a visually intriguing game. There are various subtle ways in which the game features interesting visuals such as rain falling on the screen when in the rain and looking up. The sound in the game are very clear and precise, there is not a whole lot of white noise drowning out the important auditory moments. The graphics are decent and go well with the style of the game. The only issue is the poor texture quality on the console versions of the game, but this is not a problem in the PC version. The scenery and look of the game is new and fresh which makes Dishonored feel unique and interesting rather than like a copy of another game. The scenery is somewhat in the stream-punk style, with the surrounding areas looking old yet featuring almost futuristic technology in the “Telsa” fashion. Dishonored is also abundant with famous and talented voice acting. The game featured the voices of actors such as Carrie Fisher, Lena Headey, Chloë Grace Moretz, Brad Dourif, Susan Sarandon, John Slattery, and April Stewart. The game’s main character does not have a voice however, so this cast voices the other characters in the game. Along with talented voice acting there is a great script and story behind the game, so players can expect more than mere acting talent.The audio and music is a very important key feature in Dishonored, and does a fantastic job of setting moods, evoking emotion, and setting the tone for action ranging from upbeat, to soft and subtle, to simply ambient sound.



  • Great, enticing story and plot
  • Intriguing main character
  • Fun gameplay
  • Perfect incorporation of stealth and action
  • Very good voice acting cast
  • Stunning music and ambient sound


  • Strange cover system
  • Poor textures
  • Lack of face and voice of main character

Final Score:


My Thoughts:

I truly enjoyed Dishonored. With few flaws, this game is well worth playing, even if you are like me and not a fan of stealth games. The incorporation of stealth and action makes this game a very fun game for both people that enjoy stealth and people who would rather have action. Dishonored forced players to think out their actions before doing them, which is something I really like in a game. I don’t mind having mindless action, but it’s nice to mix it up on occasion with a game like this. I would recommend this game to all types of gamers, it’s well worth at least one playthough but I would suggest playing it a few times.

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