Hello friends! I’d like to introduce you to my December project: 25 Days of Favorites.

In the next 25 days I plan to enlighten you all on my favorite things in the gaming world from December 1 leading up to December 25.

While I’m sharing my favorites with you, I’d like to encourage all of you to share your favorites right back! Every day I will bring to you all a new category, such as my favorite male character, and I’d love to see my followers share their favorite male character along with me. As always, I love to hear all of your opinions and anything else you’d like to share that’s on topic.

To prepare you all for what is to come, below is a list of each days category in order starting from day one, my actual favorite will be a surprise that is revealed to you on each specific day:

  1. Favorite character (male)
  2. Favorite character (female)
  3. Favorite character (runner up)
  4. Favorite voice actor
  5. Favorite action/adventure game
  6. Favorite stealth game
  7. Favorite RPG
  8. Favorite first-person shooter
  9. Favorite third-person shooter
  10. Favorite horror game
  11. Favorite racing game
  12. Favorite fighting game
  13. Favorite classic game
  14. Favorite modern game
  15. Favorite upcoming game
  16. Favorite game series
  17. Favorite underrated game
  18. Favorite downloadable game
  19. Favorite indie game
  20. Favorite multipler game
  21. Favorite PS3 exclusive
  22. Favorite Xbox 360 exclusive
  23. Favorite PC exclusive
  24. Favorite developer
  25. Game of the Year

I look forward to sharing all my favorite things in the gaming world with you all! Have a great Decemeber and be sure to check in daily for my favorite of the day.