Today’s category is my favorite female video game character. This one may come as a surprise to you, but if you know anything about me or have seen my username anywhere, it probably wont. My favorite video game female is none other than:

Lara Croft


Surprise! Not. Lara Croft has been my gaming icon/heroine/role model since I was a child. I instantly fell in love with her after playing the original Tomb Raider. The first thing I liked about her was that she was in fact a she. Yes, that may sound weird today, but back in ’96 when this game came out there weren’t many female protagonists in games. There was really only Samus at the time, and some other more obscure women, but Lara stood out to me above all others.


Part of her allure for me is what she does. I can’t lie, I love adventure. I would love to travel across the world in search of artifacts and treasures, all the while kicking major behind. Adventure in the real world draws me in, and it really my favorite genre of video games, with Tomb Raider heading off that category. Another thing I love about her is the fact that she can be a woman in all her glory and not be a complete whore. She wears short shorts and a tiny tank top, but hey, do you see her banging every guy that looks at her? No. She doesn’t need to. Heck, if I looked as good as her and was trekking around the jungle like her, I’s be wearing the same thing. She is a strong woman, who doesn’t need men all around her or guys telling her what to do. I appreciate women like that in life, whether it be in gaming or in the real world. There is nothing wrong with being a women and showing off your assets, it’s all about what you do with yourself that matters.


Basically, she’s a beast, and one hell of a woman. Kicking ass and taking names from here to Bangkok, while looking great along the way. For the reasons above and for so many more, she is by far my most favorite woman in video games.

By the by, as for the new game coming out in March, I couldn’t be more excited! People always ask what I think about the reboot and for the record, I think it’s awesome. The series needed it and the new Lara is just so awesome. I’ll be all over that when it comes out, that’s for sure.

Honorable Mention:

Elena Fisher (Uncharted series).