25 Days of Favorites – Day 4


This category is tough, since there are so many talented voice actors and actresses out there. John DiMaggio is one of my favorites, along with Steve Blum, Ali Hillis, and Nolan North. One in particular always has my heart though, partially because she always voices great characters, but also because she has a great deal of talent. My favorite video game voice actress is…

Jennifer Hale


Jennifer Hale has voice many characters such as FemShep (Mass Effect), Leah (Diablo 3), Trishka (Bulletstorm), Ophelia (Brutal Legend), Naomi (MGS4), and more. She is also in plenty of TV shows voicing characters like Miss Marvel and Jean Grey. She’s been an actress in over 260 titles. I have been really close to her in real life at PAX Prime in 2011. She was doing a signing for Mass Effect 3 and I was right behind her booth in line for the game’s demo. It was awesome. I have always admired her as a voice actress, because I really love some of the characters she’s voiced. I mean come on, she’s FemShep. I also really liked Trishka as well, and so many others. For all these reasons I must say that she is my favorite voice in video games.

Also, I was gifted the most awesome picture of her ever:


Yes, that sign says “Hi LadyCroft3”. Amazing.

Anyway, here are some links for Jennifer Hale if you all are interested:

7 thoughts on “25 Days of Favorites – Day 4

  1. This one is hard because as for people that mainly do Video Game voices, I’m not very familiar with them. Sure, there is Nolan North that does just about everything now adays, or David Hayter because he’s basically Snake. But my final answer is Steve Blum for being the voice of Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Mugen from Samurai Shamploo. Prejudiced choice is prejudiced.


    • She brought FemShep to life, no one cares about the guy who does Male Shepard’s voice, I can even think of his name right now. Everyone knows FemShep. I know a lot of people who did as you did, and played as FemShep rather than Male Shep because of the voice.


  2. Nolan North is my favorite. His role as Deadpool alone shows what kind of range he has. You can tell he takes his job seriously, probably why he’s so often employed.


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