Today is the beginning of the game genre section, in the next few days I will sharing my favorite game of specific genre’s with you all. Today’s genre is one of my favorites – Action/Adventure. It was tough to choose one game as my favorite in this genre, since there are so many I love, but this one stood out a little more than others. This game was on the most fantastic games I have ever played for all kinds of reasons, and that’s why for my favorite Action/Adventure game I just had to pick:

Uncharted 2

*cue the Uncharted series theme song*

Uncharted 2 is my favorite game in the Uncharted series. I love them all, of course, but 2 was just the best one to me. I loved the setting and story line, traveling to places like Istanbul and Nepal made for some drastic climate and scenery changes throughout the game. I’m pretty big on scenery and setting when it comes to games, it has to be different and pretty to really catch my eye, Uncharted 2 was both of those things. It was different because of the newness of the setting and change from the first. The Uncharted series did a great job overall of giving each of their games a different feeling based on setting. All of the games are pretty because of those stunning graphics they showcase. Uncharted 2 also introduced some new characters, like Harry Flynn, Chloe Frazier, and my favorite Uncharted villain Zoran Lazarevic.


Zoran is one of the most evil villains I have ever seen in a video game. This guy is psychotic and doesn’t have any qualms when it comes to killing random people. Even his accomplices are scared of him. Hell, I was scared of him and I was just playing a game. I’m sure those yeti guys were scared of him too, even though they pretended not to be. This guy is a fantastic villain, is what I’m getting at. The Uncharted series also does a great job with making gameplay fun, and I loved specific sequences in Uncharted 2 such as the part on the train in Nepal. Speaking of Nepal and Yetis  that whole business with the yetis in Nepal was pretty awesome. I loved having Elena Fischer back, too. She is just so awesome and it’s really showcased throughout the series, especially in Uncharted 2. I mean that girl brushes Chloe off her shoulders like a speck of dirt. It was fantastic, as was the entire game.

Uncharted 2-2

As I said, it was hard to pick just one game for this genre, but I did what must be done and I picked a phenomenal game. I suggest you play this if you haven’t already, and if you don’t have a PS3, then go get one. It’s worth it for these games alone. Come on, go get it. Do I need to show you gameplay to convince you? Well if you say so, here it is:

Honorable Mention:

Tomb Raider Underworld