This category is a little weird for me, since I don’t typically like stealth games, but I feel like the game I picked really needed a spot here since it’s the only game in the stealth genre I’ve ever truly loved. This game showed me that stealth isn’t always tedious and boring and that stealth games can have a captivating story/plot. My favorite stealth game is:

Splinter Cell: Conviction


With a character like Sam Fischer, you really can’t go wrong. Before I played Conviction, I had never been interested in the Splinter Cell series due to them being mainly stealth and me sucking eggs at stealth games. I had heard stories of Fischer’s awe inspiring heroics and tales of badassery, but never thought much of it until I played this game. Next thing I knew I was saying things like “Oh snap! You tell ’em Sam!” and “Holy guacamole, he’s such a beast!”. He really is a beast though, I mean this guy could probably kill a person with this toe and have no issues doing so. Plus, it’s not like he is young or anything in Conviction, he even has gray hair. That doesn’t seem to slow him down though, he’s probably planning on killing death when he comes to get him.


Main character aside, Conviction was just a lot of fun. I really liked the incorporation of action into the stealth. So I could either turn the corner guns blazing or sneak around and kill everyone silently. It was up to me, which I like because I get bored of constantly walking around all crouched and whatnot. It looks painful and seems uncomfortable for long periods of time. I like to let Sam stretch his legs. One thing I found particularly unique and memorable in this game was the way your objective was written on walls and stuff. It was like plastered in the environment somewhere and I thought that was super cool. Interrogating was a lot of fun in this game, I loved the use of the environment to beat the hell out of some hopeless scumbag who needed to give up all he knows. The story in Conviction was also rather well done. I hadn’t played an other Splinter Cell games and I felt like I understood all that was going on and had no problem jumping into the plot. There was also co-op in this game, which I love because it’s fun to play with others and have a good time.


Anywho, that’s my favorite stealth game for lots of reasons. I hear that these Metal Gear Solid games are pretty nifty, but that’s a little too much stealth for me. Although Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance looks like fun.