25 Days of Favorites – Day 7


Today’s category is my favorite Role Playing Game, or RPG (not rocket propelled grenade). This choice was easy for me since, which I love a good RPG, one has always been loved more than others. Only one has taken up months of my life with fun, adventure, and epic battles. that game is none other than:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


This game… The memories… It’s all so great. I remember playing this game all day and not even accomplishing anything, it was just that fun. I ended up getting 100% of the achievements for Oblivion on the Xbox 360. I was so proud, but even after that I kept on playing. There was something about the gameplay that never got boring, gameplay I have only seen in Elder Scrolls games. I’ve realized that while RPG’s aren’t my favorite genre, I really enjoy the medieval setting that some bring to the table. Bethesda is hit and miss with me for this reason, since I love the Elder Scrolls games but am not too fond of the Fallout games, even though the gameplay is very similar. It’s a setting thing. I either like super futuristic space travel games like Mass Effect or old medieval games like the Elder Scrolls, when it comes to RPG’s. I’ve played many in both settings but still, Oblivion takes the cake.


I really appreciate a good sword fight in games. I like to be a tank-like character so that I can wear the heaviest armor possible and hold the biggest weapons and just strike down my foes with brute force. My favorite character to play in Oblivion (I had a few) was my female Nord. She was such a boss, and I never lost a fight. She was pretty ugly, really large, but always in charge. I loved being able to make various characters of all races though, it’s fun to change it up. The story line in Oblivion was fun and intriguing. It felt different and unique compared to other games like it, but followed along the Elder Scrolls timeline. One of my favorite things about Oblivion was the scenery. It was just so beautiful and at the time, it was some of the best graphics yet.


These reasons, and so many more, make The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion my favorite RPG.

Honorable Mention:

Mass Effect 2

8 thoughts on “25 Days of Favorites – Day 7

  1. I played Oblivion so much, and enjoyed exploring every corner I could. The secrets and the subtle humor is incredible. And for a game that came out in, what, 2006? Is just bananas. Sure, the leveling system wasn’t perfect, but man was it fun. I think the only thing I didn’t do in that game was do the Vampire quest because I never became one. Right now I’m playing Skyrim, and I’m really liking it, so we’ll see.
    My favorite RPG though, has to be Final Fantasy VI because of the music, the traveling, and the characters: protagonist or antagonist. For a SNES game, that was fantastic. Golden Sun, Pokemon, Fable and Oblivion are runner ups, unless Skyrim takes the place of Oblivion. 😉


  2. I LOVE Oblivion. I think it might be my favorite, too.

    During last year’s Steam holiday sale I picked up the game and all DLC (I had already played it on 360 a few times and again on PS3). Then I added visual mods, bug fixes and a few other small tweaks. With those few enhancements, it now feels like a game that had been released in the past year.


  3. I’ve tried very hard to like Oblivion, but I’ve never made it past the early stages of the game. I’ve never been a fan of the Elder Scrolls games, ever since Morrowind, my friends have been singing its praises. Skyrim was the first game of the series to truly hook me. I clocked in over 100 hours in it. After enjoying Skyrim so much, I gave Oblivion another shot, still does nothing for me >_>.

    Anywho, my favorite would have to be Super Mario RPG (that’s right another Nintendo title). I first played it when I was very young, I didn’t even know what an RPG was. It was developed by SquareSoft and they did a fantastic job with the IP. They weren’t afraid to shake things up, even going so far as to make an ally out of Mario’s nemesis, Bowser. I loved the whimsical world, lighthearted story, comedic dialogue, and solid RPG gameplay.

    Honorable mention: Diablo 2.


    • I honestly didn’t like Skyrim as much as Oblivion. There was just something about Oblivion that had my heart. I 100%’d Skyrim, but lost it due to DLC and me not buying or playing it.
      Diablo is a good runner up, those games are pretty great.


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