The only genre that I love and hate at the same time is the Horror genre. I love it because the games are fun and being scared can be fun, but I hate it because it’s stressful for me to be scared for long periods of time. I know that a truly good Horror game is one that stresses me out and makes me want to keep playing, but also make me scared to play. That’s why for my favorite game in the Horror genre, I picked:

Dead Space


Now I scare a little easier than most, but most cannot deny that Dead Space offers up a more than frightening environment for players. I’d reckon it’s one of the more scary games available at the time, I’ve played through it a few times and it never ceases to frighten me. I picked the first game over the second game here because of the intensity the first game has. I mean facing the necromorphs for the first time ever was horrifying. While the second game is indeed frightening, the first cannot be outdone. I remember my first playtrhough, walking through the game slowly and checking behind me constantly, only to have some monster pop out of the ceiling and attack me. I may have jumped a few times while playing. Ok, probably more than a few. Fine I jumped the entire game and wanted to cry every time and even bigger necromorph came at me.


Another great part of Dead Space is the main character, Isaac Clarke. He is such a pro, because I would probably not make it very far in the environment he is put in. I mean this guy comes upon a ship filled with necromorphs whose only want in life is to rip him into pieces and he has to face them alone, basically. I mean there are other people there, but I never saw them running around the ship fighting off monsters. On top of all that, he is looking for his girlfriend who he thinks is stuck in this awful place and could be dead. Such a beast, this Isaac. Speaking of Isaac, the storyline in Dead Space is brilliant, and centers mainly around one person. It really drew me in because I wanted to fight for Isaac, he deserves a little bit of happiness and I wanted to get him there.


Back to intensity, this game was definitely one of the most intense Horror games I have ever played. It kept me on my toes the entire time, and scared me, but made me what to keep going. For that, I must name it my favorite Horror game.

Honorable Mention:

Resident Evil 2