This category is interesting because I don’t even really like Racing games, but I wanted to add it to the 25 Days of Favorites because it deserves a spot. Oddly enough, I’m actually pretty good at racing games, I tend to do very well in them for someone who dislikes them generally. Since I don’t like them, I haven’t played many, but there is one that isn’t too old that I really enjoy, and that game is:

LittleBigPlanet: Karting


I know, it’s no Midnight Club or whatever but it’s super fun and entertaining. One of the things I really love about it is the fact that it has a story. A lot of racing games tend to lack story which is fine, since I mean who really cares if you are there to race. I enjoy a good story in my racing games, since I don’t care solely for the racing. LBP: Karting carries forward in classic LittleBigPlanet style, it holds a lot of characters from the past games and adds a handful of new ones which is great of you love LBP like me. Another awesome aspect is that you can customize your own Sackperson and Kart, and now I’m aware that you can customize your car in other racing games, but are they freaking adorable? Nope. It’s not just colors and stripes either, you can make a cupcake with cherries for wheels, and then make it a hover car, and race it. Neat, right?


Something else that’s super awesome is the level creation aspect. Not only can you play the levels the game comes with, you can get online and play some maps other people have made or just go and make your own! Creativity is a great part of life, and when it’s added into games so freely and openly I really dig it. There are also these challenge map type things that aren’t typical races, but are more like game modes. For instance, there is one type in which your goal is the pick up weapons and blow enemies up. The person with the most hits wins. Speaking of weapons, this game has them! In all race types, weapons are available to pick up and use on the other racers. Kind of like Mario Kart, but less stupid because it’s not Mario Kart.


So LBP: Karting is a great game, it’s a lot of fun, and it heightens creativity. What more could you ask for? Not much, I say. For someone like me who isn’t much into racing games, this game is about as good as it gets. Also, this game is four player split-screen co-op, and you can play it online with however many players you want. So grab some friends and get Karting!

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