25 Days of Favorites – Day 12


Fighting games are another genre I’ve never been very good at, much like yesterday’s category. None the less, there is a couple that spark my interest, and one in particular that was chosen as my favorite Fighting game. Most Fighting games bug me because I end up playing with people online (or occasionally in reality) that simply spam certain moves over and over again which makes playing not too fun. Especially since I’m not very good at them. Anyway, complaints aside, my choice for favorite Fighting game is:

Soul Calibur IV


There are many things that draw me to the Soul Calibur games, one of them being the fact that I’m actually good at them. Not just a little good either, like I can hold my own in ranked matches and all that jazz. I know that’s not to significant to people who love Fighting games but for me, that’s a great accomplishment. SC4, to me, is the best game in the series. Soul Calibur 5 was good, but there is something about 4 that I liked more. I think it mainly has to do with SC5 not having characters from the series I like such as Talim, and the new characters were very sub par. I thought it was stupid to have the same fight styles but new characters who look just like the old ones. Why not just keep the old ones? Anyway, back to SC4, it’s a fun game with many great aspects. I tend to like the play style in the Soul Calibur series as well. I’m not too big into games that are mainly about combos and that sort of thing. Obviously every fighting game has combos, but I really like the way they are done in Soul Calibur 4. A player can either be technical about their combos or simply just mash buttons and hope something cool happens. Both will work out.


The most lovable aspect of Soul Calibur 4 is the character creation. You can basically create any character you want and use them in the game. I spent hours creating characters, probably more time than I spent actually fighting, but my characters looked awesome. I had all 9 Sailor Scouts, Harley Quinn, and Zelda – to name a few. I probably had around 30 created characters, and I also modified the game characters. You can make the regular characters look different too, by changing their costume colors and mix-and-matching with their alternate costumes. This aspect of the game opened up a whole new world in which you can not only create characters as you want them, but you can also use them to fight online. It’s just super awesome in my opinion and Soul Calibur 4 had the best creation mode.


All in all, when it comes to Fighting games, it’s all about Soul Calibur 4. There really isn’t much else to say, I think that if you haven’t played this title you should. Go out there, and get it now. I suppose if you have to you can get Soul Calibur 5, but 4 is the better choice in my opinion.

Honorable Mention:

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

6 thoughts on “25 Days of Favorites – Day 12

  1. The only Soul Calibur I’ve played, and own, is 2. It was great, and I had a lot of fun. 🙂
    Mine goes to Super Smash Bros., I will say Melee because of the memories I had with it, even though I loooove Brawl. When Melee came out, I had just gotten my gamecube for my birthday. I remembered playing the one on the N64 for hours and hours of laughter with relatives, and when the new one came out, it felt amazing because of how great the game looked for its time, and the many characters they added was exciting. Brawl though… I love it much much more. Still, my pick is Melee.
    Honorable mention goes to Street Fighter 4… because I’m crazy good with Old-Man Gen.


  2. The Soul Calibur games have always been pretty enjoyable since their base mechanics are are actually really stable and fun to play. I thought the inclusion of “fatality” moves and guest characters in the SC series was a little odd but thankfully they didn’t detract too much from the experience. Custom characters is always a great option! Good choice, yo. 🙂


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  4. I’ve only played SC2 and 3. They’re good games, but I don’t like 3D fighting games much.

    My favorite fighter is Super Smash Bros. Melee. Runner up: Marvel vs Capcom 2.


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