25 Days of Favorites – Day 14


We have an interesting category is at hand today, my favorite modern game. Now, I already went through my favorite games of each genre and are coming up on my favorite exclusives, so this is sort of an in between. This category represents a game that has been made for the current generation of gaming consoles and a game that I really love. Coming up with this game was difficult due to how many games are out there, games I have already picked, and future favorites, but I worked it out and picked a good one. My favorite modern game is:



I chose Bioshock because it is a game to reckoned with. Not only does Bioshock feature an intense storyline and great gameplay, it also showcases some unforgettable characters. I mean my goodness, Andrew Ryan is epic and one the most memorable character in modern gaming culture. Alongside him is Frank Fontaine, Brigid Tenenbaum, and Sander Cohen. Amazing, unforgettable quotes from this game and it’s main characters are a dime a dozen with a cast like this. It’s not all about characters though, the game is backed by a fantastic storyline. A city underwater, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, lies, deception, action, sadness, you name it this game has it. It’s like a non-stop movie that is so intense you just can’t stop watching it.


I mentioned gameplay above, and one of the best things about Bioshock is it’s flawless seeming together of the action/shooter and survival/horror genres. The game is creeoy and demented at times, but it’s never a dull moment in Rapture due to the splicers attacking at random and hunting of Big Daddies. I really like how it was never boring, I mean never. Just a solid game all around. With Bioshock Infinite coming out, people keep asking “Do I have to play Bioshock and Bioshock 2?” I always reply with a “You don’t have to since the stories aren’t related, but you should simply because they are awesome games”.

Honorable Mention: 

Mass Effect 2

2 thoughts on “25 Days of Favorites – Day 14

  1. I’ll have to go with Bioshock as well for the ambiance and everything else.
    Honorable mention would be Prince of Persia 2008 because of it being so underrated and people complaining that you can’t die. In a way, both are good answers because when you die, you come back exactly the same in Bioshock. Yay VitaChambers! 😀


  2. I agree with Bioshock being the best in this category. No other game has pulled me into it’s world and fully immersed me quite like Rapture did. So hyped for Bioshock: Infinite.

    Left 4 Dead comes in a close second.


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