There were a lot of games to choose from for today’s category, so picking one was difficult. Indie games are always interesting, not all are good not all are bad, but they always have such interesting features. Unique storylines and characters as well as in-game physics or gameplay are usually always features. I picked this game because I had such a fun time playing it, and I really appreciate it for what it was: A great game. My favorite indie game is none other than:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Amnesia is a frightening horror game in which you play as a man who has – you guessed it – amnesia. He finds himself in a mansion full of secrets and horrific creatures bent on killing him. He must uncover while he is there while staying alive at the same time. One of the most interesting features of Amnesia is the use of light. Your character must stay in lit areas or he starts becoming insane. When in dark areas, vision is blurred and a strange nails-on-a-chalkboard sound can be heard. The more you are in the dark, the worse it gets. Simply going back into light wont necessarily help you either. You have to stand in the light for a good while before your sanity is returned to normal. The more insane you are, the more evil creatures will find you and kill you. If you reach maximum insanity, you die. I think that since the gameplay itself is relatively simple since there is no combat or weapons to use, the light aspect was a really cool addition that made gameplay a little less basic. I mentioned horrific creatures, no?


WHOA! Ok, those are freaky. Not only do they look disturbing, but they kill you. Just straight up dead. There is no way to fight back, you have to hide. If you look at them you become more insane and then they see you and kill you. This thing is not even the only monster either. There are ones with armor and an invisible one that chills out in the water. Crazy stuff, literally. Their presence causes the main character to become insane, regardless of light. So you just have to hide in a closet or behind a wall and hope that they don’t find you. They can also break down doors, so if they saw you go behind a door they will go ahead and get you anyway. Hell, I become more insane just by looking at these things, they are demented and creepy as all get out.


Not only are the monsters creepy, the story is creepy as well. As you go along through the mansion and recover your memories piece by piece, you also uncover awful experiments and horrifying situations. Finding tortured, naked people and piles of dead bodies is a bit unsettling, and then when you find a note that describes the experiment it all but makes you want to quit the game. If you frighten easily I wouldn’t recommend this to you, it’s hard to play for long periods of time and can be stressful. But it’s very rewarding and well done for an indie game, and if you can handle a little creepy then you can handle the game. I’m a grade A scaredy cat and I got through it. There is also an add on that is about a girl who is supposedly a torture victim and has to escape the mansion while be continuously chased by a terrifying monster bent on murdering you. It’s called Justine, and it’s equally as horrifying as Amnesia, if not more.

Honorable Mention:

Dear Esther