Five more days of favorites, everyone. I’m still going strong though, so get ready for these last few days as they are going to be big! Today’s category is all about my favorite multiplayer game. Now, this category really includes every game that has a multiplayer aspect, not just games that are only multiplayer. My choice was a simple one, only one game is as near and dear to my heart as this one. My favorite multiplayer game is:

Left 4 Dead


I typically prefer single-player when it comes to games. That’s were you get all the good stuff like story and gameplay. Some multiplayer is a little over done, overused, or not original at all. Left 4 Dead changed my attitude towards multiplayer, since it was one of the first games I ever played online. Before Left 4 Dead, I really only played Super Mario World with my brother, as far as multiplayer goes but as far as competitive multiplayer goes? L4D was the first. I remember it being one of the first zombie games I ever played too, so for me this was a really special experience. I played through all of the campaigns alone at first, offline. I was scared at what online had to offer and I had heard some horror stories. As a laid back, good hearted young lass I feared what playing L4D online would mean for me. I did it anyway, starting with some simple co-op campaign  Soon I moved on to Versus, and that’s where it all began. I am very good at Versus, and L4D in general, and I learned that quickly. I would get hateful messages and rude remarks but I just laughed because they were only ever sent by people whose asses were being handed to them (by me of course), so it was petty.


I met my two closest groups of friends while playing Left 4 Dead. That was almost 2 years ago and today we are still friends and we still play Left 4 Dead together. I met a lot of people, but these friends are the best and were not simply temporary like the others. So many inside jokes, funny comments, and shared moments occured between us in this game. I will never forget how much fun I have had with them and how much all this meant to me. The story of Left 4 Dead isn’t a strong one, not something that captivates you deeply, but the added multiplayer really makes for one fantastic game. You can kill zombies cooperatively or competitively, and I really liked that about this game. I am a very competitive person these days. When I first started playing L4D I wasn’t, but now there is nothing I like better than a complete shut out in which my friends and I just blow the other team out of the water. Another thing I like about L4D is the characters. They are classics, and there isn’t a one of them I do not like. Each of them has their own attributes and personalities, making them more than simple skins for a single generic character.


There was a sequel to Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2. Some people like it more than the first, some don’t. I am one of the ones who doesn’t. It’s still a great game with fun characters and gameplay, but I just never liked it as much as the first. I think it’s mainly due to how much the first meant to me. There is also the part about the lag (on the 360 version) that made the game almost unplayable for a period of time. When the DLC started coming out the servers took a hit. Things seem fine now, but the PC version just tends to be superior to the console version when it comes to Left 4 Dead 2. Although I have been argued with about the first game being superior on the PC too, and while that may be true, I have had more fun on the console version so oh well. I still play the PC version from time to time but I am always alone so it’s not as much fun.  Anyway, that’s my pick for favorite multiplayer and I’m definitely sticking to it.

Honorable Mention: