I hear talk that the PlayStation 3 has no games. Well, I can tell you that it’s not true, the PS3 has plenty of games. I’d even argue that it has some of the best games, exclusive wise. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m an equal opportunity gamer. I play on the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 and I love them all for their pros and cons alike. People should remember that just because they dislike something because they tried it (or didn’t in most cases) and didn’t like doesn’t mean it’s bad. Today marks the beginning of the ‘exclusives’ portion of the 25 Days of Favorites. Today is all about the PS3, and my favorite exclusive for it is:



Both InFAMOUS games are fantastic, but I liked part 2 more. The first game really set up Cole McGrath’s story, but the second game really let him fly. There were a lot fewer moral decisions to make, and InFAMOUS is all about karma. By this time, it’s assumed you have picked a side and the game knows from the beginning whether or not you were good or evil in the first game and gives you powers accordingly. In InFAMOUS 2 players really get to be Cole. You know what he has been through, you know the choices he has made, and you shaped him as a person. That’s my favorite part about 2; your karma is set, all you have to do is play. In this game you even have two special characters who side with you depending on your alignment. There is the by-the-books agent who only wants good of the world, and the sassy native to the city who wants the world to burn. You choose, and then it gets fun.


Being good gets you Kuo, and ice powers. Being evil gets you Nix, and fire powers. You can’t have both. I have only ever played the InFAMOUS games by being evil. I’ve tried to play with good alignment but I just can’t do it. Evil Cole is so much fun and so is Nix. Not caring about what you do and who you hurt to do it is a fun way for me to play any game, since I’m the complete opposite in real life as a person. InFAMOUS 2 also brings back Cole’s sidekick Zeke, who is a great friend and funny at that. The gameplay was also improved upon from that in the first game, making it easier to acquire powers and other goodies while scaling the city parkour style. I love being able to climb on anything in the entire city, all the while kicking the ass of the enemies that hurl themselves upon me. Speaking of which, there are some awesome new enemies available that are cruising for a bruising.


So this is my favorite PS3 exclusive. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it honestly has a really captivating story. Also, the characters are amazing and the concept and dialog are great too. Basically it’s fantastic. If you have a PS3 and have yet to play either of these games I suggest you get on it. There are definitely some great exclusives to choose from here, but I didn’t really have a hard time choosing the series, the hardest part was choosing the game in the series. But hey, what more can you ask for when you can’t decided which game is better out of a group of amazing games.

Honorable Mention:

Heavy Rain (It’s all about NAHMEN JAYDEN: EFF BEE EYE!)