PC gaming is relatively new to me. I didn’t grow up with a computer strong enough to handle a lot of the really cool games and I honestly just preferred consoles like the SNES and PSX. As I have gotten older, and acquired a good gaming PC/Laptop (yes, laptop. It’s custom built for gaming) I have been getting more and more into it. I believe I have almost 50 games in my Steam library and the more sales they have, the more games I get. I still haven’t quite made it my main way to get games though, I buy all the major titles that aren’t exclusive on console still. All that being said, it’s time to reveal my favorite PC exclusive and that game is:

Diablo 3


In all honesty, I wanted to choose The Sims 2 but they have made abominations of that game on a handful of consoles. That left me with Diablo 3, which is a fantastic game. I didn’t really want it originally, when it came out this year I had no plans on purchasing it. I never played the other two and I just didn’t really think I’d care for it. Alas, my boyfriend and a few friends all got it and talked about it all the time, making me curious. My boyfriend gave me a 30 day trial for the game  and after about 2 hours I purchased the full version of the game. I was hooked by it, and I realized then what I was missing out on.


Diablo 3 offers up some of the most fun gameplay of any PC game I have played. I made a female wizard for my first character, and I adored her powers and magic as well as her stats and abilities. I later made a witch doctor and a demon hunter, and loved them as well. Each character class has it’s own feel to it, it’s not just different magical abilities, it’s a completely different play style. I like when a game like this takes time to make it’s classes differentiated. Diablo 3 seems to be best played in it’s co-op form. Players can drop in and out of your game with ease, regardless of where you are in the game. I played mainly with my boyfriend, but on occasion played with a friend or two, and with this game it’s definitely the more the merrier.


Customization in any games catches my eye, and the customization in D3 is no exception. Not only can you customize what armor your characters wears, each kind with it’s own stats, you can also change the colors. I’ll go ahead and say it: I’m a girl, I like colors and changing them up, let’s move on. On that note, there is a marketplace in which you can just go ahead and buy your own armor, weapons, and dyes. It’s actually an auction house, so yeah you can buy stuff but if you’d rather auction you can do that as well. You can either pay with gold earned in game or with your own real life money. It’s really a cool feature in my opinion. Everything about this game is cool, honestly, and that’s why even though I love The Sims, Diablo 3 is my favorite PC exclusive.

Honorable Mention:

Sim City 3000