Today marks the last day of the 25 Days of  Favorites, and it’s one of the bigger pieces. Quite an awful lot of great games came out this year, but only one can be a persons favorite. I had to think about this one for awhile and I even changed it a few times, but now I am confident in my choice. As you all can see from my previous favorites, everyone has different opinions when it comes to games and gaming in general. These past 25 days, you all have learned a little about me and the games I like, and since a few of you have been commenting with your picks I’ve learned a little about you and yours. Now, on to the good stuff, my favorite game of the year 2012 is:

Mass Effect 3


As you saw with my favorite game series article, Mass Effect is my favorite game series and Mass Effect is my favorite in the series. I feel that Mass Effect 3 deserves more credit than it got, to be honest. The game was fantastic, offering up an exciting conclusion to Commander Shepard’s story and better gameplay than it’s predecessors. The gameplay was more smooth and well put together, allowing you to do thinks like combat roll. It made action/fighting sequences way smoother, not that they were awful in the other two games, it’s just that ME3 did it better. There was also multiplayer added into the game, which I think is really fun and with the updates they have made to it it’s becoming highly interactive and unique. People still dislike this game though, regardless of all that. Why did people dislike this game so much, you ask? The ending.


Yep apparently the ending wasn’t good enough for people, and even with the extended cut which explains much more and answers the questions people posed about the game’s original ending, people still bitched. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I for one liked the ending. At first I was confused after seeing the original ending but after the extended cut was released I really enjoyed it. I played through the ending 4 times to see all the separate endings and I really liked the direction it took and with the further explanation I liked the story of it. The ending of a game or movie can make or break it, which is why I think to say that this game sucks because of the ending is fine but at the same time I think it’s weird to say that the game is fantastic but when it comes to the ending you’d rather pretend it didn’t happen. It’s part of the game, so it should be involved in the overall opinion, not just a part of it. Anyway, I personally love this game and I am still playing through it now.


I’m on my second full playthrough of Mass Effect 3 currently, I’m attempting to complete the game on Insanity difficulty and am about 75% of the way through the story. Even now I’m still having a lot of fun with this game and I’m still feeling all the emotions I felt the first time I played through it. There were at least 6 different instances in which this game brought me to tears, and not just any game can do that. In fact, no other game has done that. I highly recommend this series and this game to anyone who likes sci-fi themed action RPG’s, it’s the best out there to me. No other game that has come out this year has entertained me as much or made me as happy as this game has. That’s why I just had to pick this as my favorite game of the year.

Honorable Mention: 

Halo 4