Hello everyone! LadyCroft3 here. I’d like to start making the occasional update posts to inform you all of the happenings and/or problems, complications, and new features to be added to the site. I don’t like keeping any of you in the dark, so here it is – the January update post.

Flashback Sunday’s – On the Rebound:

Awhile back I started the ‘Flashback Sunday’ series, but then it seemed to die off. That is my fault completely. I’ve been getting lazy (or have been staying lazy, since it’s nothing new) and have been neglecting those pieces. This is not good, since the Flashback Sunday’s were some of the most well received articles I’ve done. It seems like you all enjoyed them, so I will be bringing them back, possible under a new title and having them be a more in-depth, once a month type of thing. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do them but they will get done for your reading pleasure. So now that that is squared away, on the next point of business – news.

To News or Not To News, That’s Not Really The Question…:

I’ve been slacking on news posts, either posting them late or not enough. This is mostly due to my work schedule and the fact that at times I just can’t find the time to post. I plan to fix this by making time for major news pieces and by simply posting the lesser news pieces straight from the source to either my Twitter and/or Facebook. That way, you will all get the latest news whether it be from me or from another website. I hope this will keep the interests of more followers and also help you all stay up to date on the happenings in the gaming industry.

New Facebook Page!: 

Speaking of Facebook, I have a new Facebook page for you all to like. The previous page (for LadyCroft3) will be deleted by the end of today due to the fact that it is connected to my normal Facebook account which I will be deactivating today as well. I realize that a lot of you have Facebook and use that as an insight to this website, so I created a new page for this website alone. It will be a little more professional and a little more full of information, so be sure to look to the right of this post (or click this) and like it if you want to stay up to date. My Twitter account is also linked to the right of this post, so if you have one of those you can also follow me there. That is my personal account as well as the website’s account so you will find a mixture of both personal and professional there.

What To Expect From Me For 2013:

This year I want to bring back more articles and reviews, so that this becomes less of a news site and more of an overall gaming website. With the plethora of new games coming out over the next few months, I will be stepping up on my reviews. I plan to have a new review out for each game I play a week after it’s release. I would love to write them sooner, but I do need time to play the game and get a good enough feel for it before I write the review. There are plenty of opinion-based and fact-based article ideas in my head too, so expect to see some more of those posted up soon enough. Now, none of this will take away from the news, I wont be posting less of that but rather mixing it up so that it’s not solely news.

The Streaming Project – Don’t Forget About Me!:

Last but not least, streaming. Most you know that I stream games on a regular basis via Twitch.tv for anyone who will watch. Now lately the streams have been in short supply, this is due mostly to my ever changing work schedule. I work late nights on occasion, making it hard to stream. All of my viewers know that I am trying to do my best between work, spending time with my lovely boyfriend Fysh, and having a personal life all while streaming. I want to make sure that everyone knows this and that I will not be giving up on streaming anytime soon. I think my schedule will be changing soon so that the late nights will be more of a rarity and I can go back to the normal amount of stream dates. I just finished Tomb Raider Underworld last night and DmC: Devil May Cry was voted in as the next game to be streamed. So be sure to keep and eye out for the schedule and I’ll see you at the streams!

In Conclusion…:

Other than that, I just hope you all are having a great year so far. I hope that linksaveszelda is still on your mind and I hope the the changes coming to the website will be a good thing! Thank you all for your continued support, I love that I have such a lovely fanbase, you are all fantastic! Be sure to let me know if there is anything you’d like to see from me or any concerns you may have about the website and the changes.