Sony’s Press Conference Highlights – All You Need To Know About The PlayStation 4


The main wrap-up of information is featured in video form, hosted by none other than myself, LadyCroft3. Below is the video itself in which I will verbally go over the highlights of yesterday’s press conference in which Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 as well as discuss my opinion on the console and game announcements. Under the video you can find a guide including links for further reading or information as well as trailers for the games announced for the PS4 at the conference.

PlayStation  4:

Guerrilla Games:

SCEA/Evolution Studios:

Sucker Punch:

Jonathon Blow:

Quantic Dream:

Media Molecule:


Square Enix:





So, after watching the video and/or reading all the information posted, what do you all think about the PlayStation 4? Also, what would you like to see from Microsoft when they reveal their next console? Tell me all about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Sony’s Press Conference Highlights – All You Need To Know About The PlayStation 4

  1. Thanks for the recap. I tried to watch the stream, but it was too laggy so I played DS3 instead 😀

    Other than the broadcasting problems and Squeenix (but they are a perpetual disappointment), I thought the conference went really well. It was much better than the unveiling of the PS3. I still haven’t forgotten E3 ’06. I would like to see Sony back on top. It looks like they’re trying to push innovation and new features rather than mimic their competitors and falling behind.

    Microsoft has to pull something big to top this PS4 announcement. Maybe they could direct some of their attention to more ‘core’ games and not casual kinnect games, but these last few years that’s all they have to show, more kinnect games + Halo. So my hopes aren’t high for the next Xbox.


    • I agree, this conference was a pleasant surprise that quite frankly floored me. Microsoft has been steering to far to the Kinect side of their console and not offering enough from it to even make it worthwhile. I have a bad feeling that Microsoft may pull a Nintendo and fall down the path that leads to their main audience being children. Not to the same extend as Nintendo, of course. I can’t wait to see what more the PS4 has to offer!


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