The main wrap-up of information is featured in video form, hosted by none other than myself, LadyCroft3. Below is the video itself in which I will verbally go over the highlights of yesterday’s press conference in which Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 as well as discuss my opinion on the console and game announcements. Under the video you can find a guide including links for further reading or information as well as trailers for the games announced for the PS4 at the conference.

PlayStation  4:

Guerrilla Games:

SCEA/Evolution Studios:

Sucker Punch:

Jonathon Blow:

Quantic Dream:

Media Molecule:


Square Enix:





So, after watching the video and/or reading all the information posted, what do you all think about the PlayStation 4? Also, what would you like to see from Microsoft when they reveal their next console? Tell me all about it in the comments!