• Game: Crysis 3
  • Release Date: February 19, 2013
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Crytek
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC


Taking place 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, Crysis 3 puts players in one of the series’ most iconic character’s shoes as he attempts to take down C.E.L.L. corporation and what remains of the Ceph once all over again. The year is 2047 and the alien invasion force (known as Ceph) has been all but decimated and the corrupt C.E.L.L. corporation have taken over what is left of New York City, after having constructed a Nanodome that covers the entire city. The Nanodome has created an entirely different atmosphere for the city, which resembles an urban rain forest. Trees outgrow what is left of buildings, and rivers rage down below the streets, while swampland’s cover the floor of the dome. C.E.L.L. has achieved global domination of land and technology, attempting to gain ultimate power by harvesting all alien technology left by the Ceph. Controlling the world’s power supply, C.E.L.L. has driven the people of New York City into debt and forced them to work in labor camps to pay off that debt, ending in death for most citizens. C.E.L.L. is now harvesting all the Nanosuits by “skinning” them off of the soldiers who wear them. This process is extremely painful and usually ends in the death of the body under the suit. After having captured the entity knows as Prophet, C.E.L.L. plans on harvesting his suit next – but it proves to be a difficult task as Prophet is not yet ready to give up.

The game begins with brief analysis of all that has happened since Crysis 2, describing the evolution of Prophet (Crysis 3’s main character) from a man to a completely independent personality that is not the man in the suit, but rather the suit itself acting as an individual entity. While in a stasis-like state aboard a C.E.L.L. controlled ship heading for a skinning laboratory, Prophet has visions of what he perceives to be the future. A future in which a being called the “Alpha-Ceph” has destroyed the world and put an end to humanity’s existence. Soon after these visions, Prophet is rescued by an old friend who helps him escape the ship while taking him into the Liberty Dome. Prophet is soon informed of what has happened in the years since his disappearance, which includes the destruction of the Ceph and C.E.L.L.’s take over of the planet. He is not entirely convinced of the Ceph’s demise after having the visions involving them, but realizes that for the time being the main threat is the C.E.L.L. cooperation. Prophet’s rescuer takes him to a small resistance base run by a woman named Claire Fontanelli. The resistance is trying to attack C.E.L.L. where it will hurt them the most – their power source in the Liberty Dome. Things head south for the resistance as the power source is discovered to be the Alpha-Ceph, and after releasing it unwillingly it becomes Prophet’s duty to stop it from putting an end to humanity, like he saw in his visions. In a race against time, Prophet must stand up to C.E.L.L. while defending against the Ceph and saving humanity as a whole once and for all.


The Crysis series has been known for revolutionizing and perfecting the true first-person shooter play style and Crysis 3 has stayed on that line of perfection by out doing past games in the series. Basic gameplay is simple, yet extremely elegant. Customizing basic weapons is a piece of cake since it can be done in-game by simply holding a button and selecting the parts players want for their gun. Everything from barrel to button type can be selected while in-game without having to pause or back out of gameplay in any way. For example, if a player is using a reflex sight on their gun, but comes across an enemy that is at a distance, all they have to do is press a button to open the gun menu and select a long-range scope. There is a large variety of guns to choose from, ranging from shotguns to heavy assault rifles and everything in between. One special new addition to the Crysis weapon family is the Hunter Bow. This bow packs a punch as it draws energy from Prophet’s suit (though does not drain energy to use) to make it a formidable weapon in combat as well as stealth operations. Using the bow does not take Prophet out of stealth mode when fired, so standing on a hill and shooting down at enemies while remaining unseen is a great way to use it. It can also be used in plain combat or while at a distance and the arrow heads can be changed to create explosions and the like. Without taking up space as an equip weapon, the bow is always available for use. Arrows are scarcely found but can be retrieved from enemies after being shot, if the player misses the shot, the arrow can be retrieved from where it landed as well. Since the bow will kill a basic enemy in one shot, the bow can become extremely useful in-game if used properly and it also changes up the play style from run and gun action to a more action/stealth feel.

The Nanosuit is back, and has been dubbed “Battle armor perfected”. Armor and stealth modes return, allowing players to either become fully armored to absorb shots and take less damage or become basically invisible to enemies. Both are used for different styles of play and when used together they alone can make the gameplay more exciting than the average shooter. Also included in the Nanosuit is a visor that will allow players to see everything from enemies to ammo caches when turned on, also allowing for players to mark said enemies and caches for when the visor is turned off. That’s not all the visor is good for, it can also be used to hack turrets and other electronic equipment from a distance. This ability is very helpful as it can be used as a form of attack. Hacking a turret will cause it to turn on enemies giving the player an advantage in combat. The suit also makes Prophet stronger, allowing him to lift nearly any object and use it as a weapon or kick objects such as cars at enemies, inflicting heavy damage. There is also a strong melee ability as well as the ability to stealth kill an enemy from behind using the suits stealth mode and melee abilities. Prophet’s health regenerates after having taken damage, there are no item pick ups to be used to gain more health. If heavy damage is sustained, it may be best to hang back and let it recharge before hitting the battlefield.

Prophet’s suit can also be upgraded throughout the game with the use of upgrade kits. These kits can be found throughout the game and give one upgrade point to the player each time one is found, these upgrade points can then be used to officially upgrade the Nanosuit. Four separate perks from four distinct columns may be equipt at any given time. These upgrades range from heavier armor to the ability to assassinate more quickly. It’s up to the player to decided which perks they want, three sets of upgrades can be manually saved for ease of switching around between them for when they are most suitable. Each specific upgrade can be further upgraded by completing tasks associated with the perk. For example, if a perk that allows players to absorb more bullets and take less damage is chosen it can be further upgraded by the player through taking a set amount of damage with the perk equiped. Upgrades to the Nanosuit and guns will make for a custom tailored experience for each player, meaning players can play how they want to play.


Visually, Crysis 3 is absolutely stunning. Every detail down to the way the water ripples after a bullet hits it is realistic and visually appealing. The setting of the game is New York City, but not the New York City that we know of today. It is like a jungle in the Liberty Dome and the scenery could not be more beautifully done. Trees and tall grass along the broken highways that once made up New York City make for brilliant places to hide in combat or to simply enjoy while passing by. The in-game graphics look just as good as the cut-scene graphics and all in all, it is amazing. Dialog and voice acting as also extremely well done, giving the game and it’s characters depth and intrigue rather than making them bland and stale. Military lingo is used quite often in the dialog, which may be a good thing to those who understand it but can also cause some confusion for those who don’t.

The AI enemies in the campaign are realistic with their dialogue, as well as in the damage they take. When shot in the head, even on the hardest difficult, they die just as a person would in real life. On occasion they can be found loafing about making them easy targets, but for the most part they perceive the player just as well as the player perceives them. Map design is linear but gives the feeling of non-linearity. There is one objective to get to and not a lot of side objectives, but with the environment being so dynamic and turned about it doesn’t feel so dull going from objective to objective. Crysis 3 thrives acoustically  from the in-game music down to the sound of the weaponry, everything is perfected. Sounding realistic and never invasive, the sounds of the game are brought to life by the scenery, graphical content, as well as the gameplay of the game itself.

Scoring Breakdown:

  • Story/Plot: 9/10
  • Gameplay: 10/10
  • Visuals/Presentation: 9.5/10
  • Length: 5-7 hours
  • Replayability: Moderate
  • Entertainment Value: High

Final Score:



This game does feature competitive multiplayer modes, though I did not include them in this review. For more information about Crysis 3’s multiplayer, check out LevelCapGaming’s video review of the content. Thank you!