Hello everyone! In this post I’d like to take you all on a photo-tour of my newest toys and gear from the Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition. I’ve been doing these photo unboxing posts for big Collector’s Editions I have purchased and this is no different. I will basically describe what the Ultimate Songbird Edition comes with, show you some pictures of goodies, and give you my thoughts on the things included and tell you whether or not it was worth the money spent. Let’s get started.

The Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition comes with:

  • Bioshock Infinite (game)
  • Limited Edition Artbook
  • Handyman Figure
  • Murder of Crows Keychain
  • Devil’s Kiss Lithograph
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Upgrade Pack
  • Xbox Live Avatar Gear (For Xbox 360 version)
  • A 9.75″ Songbird Statue

That’s a lot of stuff! This edition of the game only cost $149.99.

Let’s start from the top, here is an overview picture of everything included:


Next up is the Limited Edition Artbook. The artbook is really cool and unique since it has a old-world look it with stains and scuffs as well as a neat insignia on the front. It’s relatively thick compared to most special edition artbooks and really has a lot of cool artwork in it.


The Handyman figure is neat, but a little smaller than I expected. I also didn’t expect it to be all blue with no detail  but it’s still a neat collectible. I was really more interested in the Murder of Crows keychain which is super cool. It’s very good in quality and is thick, heavy, and sturdy.



The Devil’s Kiss Lithograph is another awesome goody. I really like the size and neat little envelope it came in. The picture itself is actually really cool as well. I need a place to display all these Lithographs I keep getting…


This edition also came with some downloadable items for the Xbox and for my computer. The upgrade pack includes three exclusive gear power-ups to use in-game;

  • Bull Rush – Melee strikes from a sprint have a chance to knock the enemy back.
  • Extra! Extra! – Audio Logs also grant a bounty of “Sliver Eagles” (in-game currency)
  • Betrayer – Killing your possessed enemies causes them to explode, dealing damage.

The Avatar gear includes the Book costume for male avatars and the Elizabeth costume for female avatars. The soundtrack is obviously the soundtrack for the game, it’s all digital and downloads straight to your computer.


Last but not least in the stunning Songbird statue. This thing is huge! It’s also very detailed and has detachable wings. I could talk about how cool it is all day, but it’s better if you see for yourself.





That concludes this unboxing. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next unboxing which will be, if I’m not mistaken, the Dead Island Riptide Rigormortis Edition. Thanks for reading/viewing!

(*All photos taken and provided by me, myself, and I*)