By the way, is it just me or is Uncle Sam one scary looking dude? I mean, that would have never convinced me to vote or join the military, that would have given me nightmares… Anyways, on to the point. I’m LadyCroft3, the CEO (can I say CEO? Well I’m going to regardless) of linksaveszelda.com. It’s come to my attention that while I may be strapped for time, making it hard to write as often as I’d like, others aren’t. These others may want to share their writings with the world, and you know what? I say why not let them be guest writers here on the blog? Brilliant idea, old sport! Below are some simple guidelines to follow and more information on this whole thing, give it a go.

What I Am Looking For:

I’m looking for articles about all things gaming, after all, this blog is dedicated to gaming. I’m not looking for game reviews or reviews of any kind, just opinion articles. If you’d like to navigate to my own articles and look through them to get an idea of what I mean, go for it. Basically it can be anything from your opinion on the game industry to an article about your favorite game and why you like it. I’m also not looking for anything permanent, just a submission here and there is fine, you wont be considered a full time writer here. As long as it’s game related and follows the guidelines below, I can dig it.

Writing Guidelines:

1. Your writing must be somewhat well done. I’m not asking for college term papers, but it should be decently written. I will do spell checking and grammar checking on my own, so if spelling isn’t really your thing don’t worry. I just would like it to make sense.

2. No curse words. I don’t mind a “damn” or “hell” here and there, but I like to keep things somewhat professional and too many harsh curse words in articles are known to turn people off.

3. Nothing disrespectful. Your opinions are just fine, but if they are written in a way that puts others down or with the intent of being a jerk to everyone who doesn’t agree, I wont post it. Let’s just keep it informative, friendly, and fun.

4. I am the boss. Remember that if for any reason I choose not to post your work, it’s my choice and it’s final. I will of course give you my reasons so that you know what is up, but don’t freak out and start calling me names because I didn’t accept your work. I don’t see this happening often, if at all, but I feel the need to make everyone aware of it.

That about sums it up. I know that all these rules and stuff may seem like a lot, but I’m just trying to lay out the groundwork here. I’d really love to see what you all have to offer and I sincerely look forward to posting up your contributions! You can contact me via Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Playfire, Raptr, or e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon!