Dead Island Riptide came out today and I became the proud owner of the Rigor Mortis Edition! I absolutely loved Dead Island, so when Riptide was announced I was automatically on board. I pre-ordered the Rigor Mortis Edition from for the Xbox 360, and below are specifics of what this edition came with. Also, pictures!

Dead Island: Riptide

The Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition comes equipped with:

  • A travel suitcase packaging
  • Zombie hula girl bobble figurine
  • Severed hand bottle opener (doubles as a fridge magnet)
  • Bungalow key with wooden tag
  • Collectible steel-case
  • Digital strategy map
  • In-game unlockable content
  • Dead Island Riptide game


The whole package came packaged inside that neat little suitcase. The suitcase is the coolest part of the Rigor Mortis Edition because it’s really sturdy and a good size. It’s not quite big enough to hold clothes or even a toiletry bag, but I think it’s a great size to story electronic items and/or books in. When I go on trips I like to bring all my charge cables for my phone and other electronics I bring along but I never have a place to put them, or to put my books and other knickknacks. This suitcase will be perfect for all that, and it’s pretty cool looking.

Suitcase (Front)


The zombie hula girl, the bottle opener, and the key are also need additions. They are simple, yet very unique to the game. The hula girl looks a lot like a normal hula girl but with a lot more decay and blood. I will be putting it on the dashboard of my car later on. The bottle opener is awesome, it looks like a severed zombie hand and has little magnets on it so that it can stick on to the fridge. I’m not really sure what the bungalow key will be used for, I guess it will take a spot on my collectibles bookcase, but it’s still a neat thing to have.

Hula girl

Bottle opener

Bungalow key

The game also came with multiple game cases. Not sure why I needed two, since I would be just as happy with the steel-book case alone, but oh well. The DLC is also a neat, since it gives some extra in-game stuff. The survivor pack comes with the BBQ blade weapon mod, XP/stats booster, and a shop discount. The Fashion Victim Pack comes with alternate character skins. Not quite sure what the digital strategy map is yet, but it seems pretty cool.

Game case


So that’s all folks. This collectors edition is a bit small, but I really like the stuff it came with. I can’t wait to crack into the game and get to slicing up those zombies!

(Photos taken and edited by me, myself, and I)