I’m pretty into zombie related things from games to movies and everything in between. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I just know that if something involves zombies I will probably like it. I suppose zombies just interest me. Below is a list of my all time favorite zombie games. Some of these games don’t involve the standard zombies, but rather infected people in general. I figure it’s all the same when it comes down to it, when a dead person becomes reanimated by a virus/infection then I consider it to be a zombie. These six games stand out to me as the cream of the crop for zombie games and I’ll describe why I feel that way for each individual game. Let’s dig in (get it?).

6. Resident Evil


It’s obvious the Resident Evil games embody classic zombie survival horror. The first game in the series was one of the first games I ever played on the Playstation, and I remember being absolutely horrified. We used to turn out all the lights, turn up the volume, and stay up late (which was like 10pm for us at the time) and play Resident Evil. With zombies meandering about and dead dogs blasting through the windows of the mansion it was good, scary fun. I chose this one above all the others in the series since it was the first to introduce some new aspects to the typical zombie. Sure, the average zombie in the game is slow as dirt, but the creativity behind other zombies in the series such as the previously mentioned zombie dogs and lickers was outstanding. The first Resident Evil game set the standard for zombie horror, for that it definitely gets a spot on my list.

5. Dead Space


Dead Space is one of the games I mentioned that doesn’t feature classic zombies but rather another form of infected being. The zombies in Dead Space are refereed to as necromorphs, people who are infected by the Markers and turned into monsters. I love the first Dead Space and felt it was the best in the series. It’s the only one that was truly frightening and it was the introduction to an awesome series. What makes it one of the best zombie games in my opinion is the fact that the necromorphs are one of a kind, from their origins down to their appearance. It’s all very unique to the Dead Space series, and very cool. They are similar to humans but have been extremely deformed. Some run at you, swinging the blades coming out of their arms at you, while others pop out of the ceiling and attack. The whole game had a creepy feeling to it and it was mostly due to not knowing when these zombie-like enemies were going to pop out and slice you up.

4. Dead Island


The best part about Dead Island is the gameplay and the fact that it’s an open world zombie semi-RPG. From the moment it was first announced I was instantly interested and once it came out I was hooked. I found the game to be just great in pretty much every way and ended up spending a lot of time playing it. Playing solo or playing with friends, the game is pretty solid when it comes to entertainment value. When it comes to the zombies, I loved the variety. There were some typical zombies, some crazy sprinting zombies, huge bulky zombies, fat zombies that barf on you, and more. It’s very cool to be offered such a medley of enemies in what appears to be a standard zombie outbreak. All of that paired with the hack-and-slash play-style made this game a very honorable zombie game.

3. The Last of Us


The Last of Us is another game that doesn’t incorporate the typical zombie, though the infected beings are basically zombies – just a different kind. The zombies in The Last of Us are people who became infected with a virus that causes fungal growth and insanity, killing them and making them powerfully dangerous. That alone is the main reason why this game made the list. I really loved the concept behind the infected, it was an interesting take on zombies and I appreciate the creativity. The  infection that afflicts them is found in reality within the ant community so it’s somewhat realistic and entirely unique. These infected paired with the wonderful story and solid gameplay of The Last of Us is what makes this game so great and gained it a spot on my list.

2. Left 4 Dead


You guessed it, Left 4 Dead is high up on my list. There are a few reasons why this game takes the number two spot, one of which is the game’s concept. An entirely co-op game that focuses on killing zombies while working on a four person team is great, but what’s most interesting is that there is virtually no storyline. Regardless, it’s a blast to play alone or with friends. Another thing I really like is the assortment of zombies. Regular zombies paired with Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Tanks, and Witches makes the game super unique. This brings me to the last things that makes me love this game – the competitive play. Left 4 Dead features a competitive game mode called ‘Versus’ in which one team plays as the zombies and the other plays as the survivors. This is what truly drew me to this game, since no other game let’s you play both sides in such a flawless fashion.

1. The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead takes the cake on this list for a different reason than most of the other games on the list. By now you can see that I prefer variety and unique takes on zombies rather than dull and repetitive ones. The Walking Dead features the typical slow, boring, stupid zombies – so why is it number one? It’s not all about the zombies in this case, what I love about The Walking Dead is the spotlight on humanity in-game. Playing as a person trying to survive out in the world after a zombie outbreak is what makes this game great: the human element. Not many games or stories focus on what life is like for normal people who are just trying to get by. When a movie, TV show, or game focuses on the human side like this I tend to appreciate more than those that don’t. The Walking Dead hosts a fantastic storyline paired with awesome zombie killing action, it stands out above all others for those reasons.


I really appreciate a good zombie game, one that uses the more unique aspects of the zombie culture like variety of zombies or intriguing storylines. What is it that you like most about zombie games and what are some of your favorites? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!