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5 Most Annoying Video Game Sidekicks

Written by Tim

Everyone loves a great video game protagonist—clever, brave, ready and willing to take charge when it’s time for action—but sidekicks aren’t always so lucky. All too often they are introduced as helpless, bumbling companions who are more of a hindrance than a help to moving gameplay forward. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most annoying videogame sidekicks that have made you want to trade in your Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation and quit gaming forever:

1)  Dog – Duck Hunt

Aim carefully, folks. If you miss your shot, the dog from Duck Hunt will never let you live it down. He’ll pop up from behind the tall glasses, cover his mouth, and laugh, letting you know that if he were the shooter, he’d be hitting his mark. On the other hand, if you shoot skillfully the laughing canine turns into your personal gopher. Still, there’s a reason that hacks of Duck Hunt have you shooting at the canine, not the ducks.


2) Roman Bellic – Grand Theft Auto IV

Don’t pick up your phone, check your email, or answer your front door, Niko Bellic: it’s probably your cousin, Roman, asking you to go bowling or play darts again. If Roman’s eagerness to spend every last moment of the day with Niko wasn’t enough to irk you, there’s also this: he lured Niko to Liberty City to pursue the American dream, only to set him up in a crummy flat and have Niko protect him from the loan sharks.


3) Slippy the Toad – Star Fox 64

As an inventor and mechanic, Slippy is touted as a valuable member of the Star Fox team. But work with him long enough, and you’ll see why he’s become of the most hated characters of all time: his voice. He’s always shrieking for you to come save him in his high-pitched, pre-pubescent voice, and even when he’s offering advice or encouragement, you still wish you could duct tape his yapper shut.


4) Otis – Dead Rising

Here’s another call you never want to answer in the middle of gameplay: one from janitor Otis Washington. When protagonist Frank West answers a call from Otis, he becomes totally vulnerable to the throng of zombies around him, unable to jump, attack, or use weapons. That’d be fine if Otis called infrequently, or had something valuable to say when he did. But nope. Otis calls constantly, and when you try to ignore him or hang up on him, it only adds fuel to his fire.


5) Navi – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ever had a mosquito buzzing around you that you wish you could swat? That’s what playing Ocarina of Time is like with Navi at your side. Sure, she’s just trying to help her good friend Link with her constant warnings and interruptions, but really what she’s doing is nagging. She wants to be heard, she wants to be seen, she wants to participate in every little task or puzzle you’re trying to complete. Talk about needy.


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