This year I will be hosting my own set of Game of the Year awards here on linksaveszelda. These awards differ from your run of the mill VGX-style awards as they are my personal choices and winners. There are no votes, no shows and no exaggerated panache. Just some good old fashion Game of the Year awards.

I’ve broken it all down into eight separate categories. Each of these will honor one game/company/person an award for excellence in the chosen category. We all know it is hard to just pick one winner so I will be adding a few runner ups to each post in order to mention all the games/people I feel are worthy of note. The categories are as follows:

  1. Best Game Design
  2. Best Soundtrack
  3. Developer of the Year
  4. Best Voice Acting
  5. Character of the Year
  6. Indie Game of the Year
  7. Best Console
  8. Game of the Year

I plan on keeping it simple, just a brief reason why I feel each winner deserved the award and then the runner ups. Nothing crazy or over the top this year as I know it’s been a busy year and not everyone has time to sit down and read some kind of dissertation on video games. Do not worry folks, I have got your back on this one.

Check back tomorrow for the first award and the other awards will follow in “one post per day” order.

Happy Holidays and Happy Gaming everyone!