It’s January and that means it’s time for an update! I’d like to let all of you in my growing LSZ community know about some of the changes and updates you will see around the blog in the coming days. The following is mostly just me being overly dramatic about some stuff. No big.

Stuff and Things. Oh, and Nostalgia Saturday Debut.

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a new year and that means a new look at Flashback Sunday, my Kobayashi Maru. It’s been awhile since I have even posted a Flashback Sunday article and I think that’s due to the fact that it felt hopeless to me. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, mostly with ideas and execution, and the Flashback Sunday posts never felt worthy to me. Probably because my heart wasn’t in them and the idea felt forced to me (since it was). It’s time to review the idea, update it, and start anew. 

The biggest change is that “Flashback Sunday” will become “Nostalgia Saturday”, rolling out monthly on a Saturday as opposed to Sunday. Instead of doing a flashback to an old toy and then to an old game, I plan to focus on one subject. For example, I might choose to discuss the classic horror video game genre. I would go over a few older games in the genre, talk about the genre in general and maybe even discuss what is wrong with newer horror games. The posts will vary in subject but will of course always relate to video games.

Think of it as being in beta right now, I’ll post a couple and tweek them as needed and hopefully by the middle of the year they will be perfected as monthly articles. I would love to hear from you all as far as subjects go, of course. If you have any ideas that you’d like to see me touch on in a Nostalgia Saturday post be sure to let me know.

Back in Black. Streaming will Resume Soon!

Hey remember how I stream video games on a semi-regular basis? Well I do and my holiday hiatus is coming to an end which means I’ll be starting up again soon!

I plan on getting back to streaming in the first week of February. I do not yet have a HDMI compatible capture device so I can’t do much with the PS4 right now, but we still have a lot of stuff on the PS3 and PC that I can play in the meantime. I can also replay some of our favorites like Mass Effect 3 or Tomb Raider.

Look for a new stream schedule sometime soon for the week of February 2nd on my secondary, stream-focused blog “Gaming With Lady” (which will be shared to Twitter and Facebook for those of you who follow me there).

What about the games? Well here are a few that I can do right away. I’ll let your mull them over and we will vote at the beginning of the stream on my first day back.

  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Season 2 – Ep. 1)
  • Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us (Season 1 – Ep. 1)
  • Infamous 2
  • Bioshock Infinite – Burial at Sea Ep. 1 DLC

P.S.: I Love You All

Don’t forget that I write for two other websites now, so follow them if you’d like to see more of my work as well as articles, reviews, and podcast news for plenty of people way more talented than me:

  • Geek Force Network – I post a new article here every Sunday morning. It’s usually about the video games I have been playing, current events in the gaming world or general nerdy things.
  • Idiot Gamer – I just began writing for this website which features gaming news, game reviews and all things game related. I mostly focus on gaming news and plan on posting pretty regularly ( a couple of times a week).

That’s about it for the update. I hope it’s all to your liking. If any of you have any recommendations, questions, or suggestions be sure to let me know in the comments below! See you all soon!