Reader Discussion – Added Multiplayer: Yay or Nay?


It seems like more and more single player games are featuring extra curricular multiplayer portions. Examples can be found in Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham Origins, and God of War: Ascension. These games, as well as many others, are part of established series’ that previously only featured single player campaigns. Now all of the newest games in the respective series’ have been given multiplayer attachments or add-ons. In this discussion I’d point out some of the reasons why I dislike this trend and hope to hear what your opinions on the subject are.

My Take

For a good period of time I didn’t mind this whole added multiplayer trend too much because sometimes the new multiplayer sections are fun, like with Mass Effect 3. Recently though I have been having mixed feelings about this process as a whole as it has started to actually affect me a little. I mean sure it’s fine with some games but to be honest most of the game that have done this recently featured really awful or forgettable multiplayer attachments that I feel they would have been fine without. Batman: Arkham Origins, for example, has a multiplayer mode that may have been fun but wasn’t enough to keep people interested as it’s mostly dead at this point.

Another issue that comes with added multiplayer modes is that if you are a trophy/achievement hunter it’s much more difficult to get the platinum/100%. I’m not one for thinking that platinum trophies or 100% completion should be easy to achieve but when multiplayer is involved things can be unnecessarily time-consuming or even impossible. A good example comes from Bioshock 2. The game had a multiplayer mode that was okay but pretty buggy and not a lot of people played it, even when it was brand new. It was really hard to get trophies/achievements for it without “boosting” with friends and eventually the servers got shut down due to inactivity and the fact that the game is pretty old. At this point in time anyone who wants a platinum trophy or a 100% completion score has to suck it up since you can’t even play the multiplayer anymore, which is annoying.

Now I am mostly talking about competitive multiplayer modes. I don’t really have an issue with most online cooperative modes (as I said, I like Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer). For example I didn’t see an issue with adding co-op into Dead Space 3, other than that it takes away from the “horror” aspect. I think that for the most part, competitive multiplayer modes like the ones I have mentioned are just a hassle. I mean I just don’t care about them enough and honestly would probably be just as happy if not happier without them (then I could finally get a platinum trophy for Tomb Raider). I think my big issue is that, when it comes to previously established single player series’, it’s just flat-out unnecessary. I don’t think I’d really have an issue if the game is a brand new IP and happens to have both single player and multiplayer, but when they add in random multiplayer it’s a whole other issue. I’m not the only person out there though, so…

What’s Your Take?

  • Are you for or against multiplayer add-ons?
  • Does it bother you at all or do you just ignore it?
  • Does added multiplayer influence your decision to buy or not to buy a game?
  • Do you find multiplayer to be a hindrance or do you like the challenge? (in regards to trophies/achievements)

*Be sure to add any points/questions I may have missed!*

19 thoughts on “Reader Discussion – Added Multiplayer: Yay or Nay?

  1. This is actually really funny, but I recently did my own article on this subject a few days ago. XD Seriously though, I agree that not every game needs MP.


  2. I do find them kind of unnecessary sometimes, but if I don’t like them I can just ignore them. I think the problem with saying previously singleplayer games should never add multiplayer modes is that we might miss out on some good modes because of it. I for instance really like Uncharted 2’s multiplayer and something like Splinter Cell’s Spies vs. Mercs is such a unique mode, it would stink if we never got it. But for every success there are a ton of forgettable examples that really feel unnecessary. It is a conundrum.

    I don’t think trophies/achievements is a good reason not to add multiplayer. I think the easier answer there is to just not have multiplayer trophies. Even in games with big multiplayer modes I don’t think they are a good idea because they force people to play the wrong way at times.


    • I agree, I also liked Uncharted 2 and 3’s MP modes. It’s hard since not every added MP is bad, just most of them.

      I would love it if they did away with MP trophies/achievements, that would be so awesome. You’re right, it does force people to play the wrong way and do things like “boosting” and whatnot. It would be much easier if there were just no achievements or trophies for the MP at all.

      Thanks for the input! :3


  3. I agree with you. For the most part, these additions can largely be a waste of time/effort that I lose out on when I spend the full retail price on a new game.

    The reverse is true for me in some instances as well. I cannot stand Call of Duty or Battlefield single-player, and I hate multiplayer-focused games that do really badly strung together versions of ‘multiplayer-with-AI’ as their single-player.

    While some games can deliver both, I only encourage trying to do so if you can give both serious effort. Otherwise, you are wasting too much for it to ever be worth it.


    • You know, I never thought of that before but you’re right. The reverse on MP-based games is annoying as well. I am not even the least bit interested about the BF4 singleplayer. It feels like a waste and every time I try to play it I get bored and go back to the MP. It’s like they just throw it in there to make it a “full game” but I’d rather pay less and not have it at all.

      It really does all come down to effort, like you said. If there isn’t enough effort put into one or the other then it gets to be pointless.


  4. I hate single player games. Co-op is my thing. I am more likely to play a game if I can play it with a friend. I’m not saying you can’t make a single player game co-op, but it’s not the same. In CoD single player is the add-on now. I’m not even a fan of pvp most of the time. But yeah, if it doesn’t have multi-player of some kind, I’m not buying it lol.


  5. I don’t mind MP if it fits with the SP experience like Mass Effect 3 or Dead Space 3’s co-op, or even The Last Of Us Hunter and Firefly journeys. But games like Tomb Raider where important story related characters (dead or alive) are playable in MP, then I refuse to play it.

    As for Trophies I’m not ashamed to say I do like collecting trophies and I don’t like the inclusion of MP trophies – the MP component should have a separate trophy list (like DLC trophies have).
    That way Trophy hunters who enjoy going for 100% in the SP can do so, and not bother with MP.
    Tomb Raider has 15 MP trophies which is overkill really.


    • I agree, in some instances it can be rewarding and fun but in others it’s flat out unplayable. I would really like to see them do something different with these trophies/achievements in the future as I too like to collect trophies and it’s hard with some games which is frustrating. They should either have no MP trophies/achievements at all or make them separate from the platinum/100% like you said. It should be as optional as it can be.

      Thanks for the comment!


  6. I’m for online multiplayer, honestly don’t see anything wrong with it in and of itself. My only gripe is when they have multiplayer trophies. Other than trophies it’s the only thing keeping me playing my games once I’ve finished the campaign. Often times it’s a whole different developer who makes it, like in the case of Tomb Raider and Batman. So it doesn’t take away from the work done on single player.

    I think the more successful multiplayer additions have been the ones that tried something different and ambitious. Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, GTA, and Mass Effect made successful single player to multiplayer jumps. That’s why I was excited for Batman, it sounded good on paper, they just failed in it’s execution. I would’ve liked Batman’s online if it weren’t for the buggy netcode and terrible matchmaking.

    Really what they need to do is stop putting trophies in multiplayer like in Dead Space 2 or have single player equivalents like in ME3. Or they can put them aside of the others like Megabug said, didn’t think of that one, that’s a simple solution.


    • It seems like that is really the best idea, putting the trophies in a separate category all together (which wouldn’t be related to the platinum) or getting rid of them all together. I think that solution would benefit everyone since you wouldn’t have the play the MP if you really didn’t want to. Thanks for the reply!


  7. In most cases, tacked-on multiplayer isn’t worth the investment. Studios spend months incorporating in these additional multiplayer modes that most people end up playing for a week or two, tops. If you’re going to include multiplayer make it deliberate and make it worth players’ time.


    • I completely agree. It is a huge waste of time and resources on their part to simply tack on something that players will only be interested for a short period of time. I think that if it’s not worthwhile then it shouldn’t have been created and few games with added MP feel like the MP section is worthwhile.


      • I usually don’t mind tacked-on co-op because why the hell not? haha. You don’t have to play it with a friend, but the option is always nice.


      • Yeah, co-op is never really an issue for me either since it’s usually really optional and can even be really fun (as with Dead Space 3). It’s more the competitive MP that bothers me, as it is typically poorly done and annoying (as with Tomb Raider).


      • Oh yeah… Tomb Raider was a prime example of competitive multiplayer done wrong. It was like a poor man’s Gears of War with Uncharted skins. I played for about 35 minutes and never touched it again.


      • I did the same, I played a round or two and was done with it. Not only was it just not at all fun it was glitchy for me and seemed really half-assed. I really like the Uncharted MP so I was looking forward to the Tomb Raider MP, what a disappointment that was haha.


      • haha seriously!? I was surprised by how decent the multiplayer was in Uncharted, but Tomb Raider seemed to be going out of it’s way to do everything wrong. They should have just had “Bear Survival” mode and it’s just four people trying to survive way-after-wave of bear attacks. Now that’s some multiplayer I’d play!


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