It seems like more and more single player games are featuring extra curricular multiplayer portions. Examples can be found in Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham Origins, and God of War: Ascension. These games, as well as many others, are part of established series’ that previously only featured single player campaigns. Now all of the newest games in the respective series’ have been given multiplayer attachments or add-ons. In this discussion I’d point out some of the reasons why I dislike this trend and hope to hear what your opinions on the subject are.

My Take

For a good period of time I didn’t mind this whole added multiplayer trend too much because sometimes the new multiplayer sections are fun, like with Mass Effect 3. Recently though I have been having mixed feelings about this process as a whole as it has started to actually affect me a little. I mean sure it’s fine with some games but to be honest most of the game that have done this recently featured really awful or forgettable multiplayer attachments that I feel they would have been fine without. Batman: Arkham Origins, for example, has a multiplayer mode that may have been fun but wasn’t enough to keep people interested as it’s mostly dead at this point.

Another issue that comes with added multiplayer modes is that if you are a trophy/achievement hunter it’s much more difficult to get the platinum/100%. I’m not one for thinking that platinum trophies or 100% completion should be easy to achieve but when multiplayer is involved things can be unnecessarily time-consuming or even impossible. A good example comes from Bioshock 2. The game had a multiplayer mode that was okay but pretty buggy and not a lot of people played it, even when it was brand new. It was really hard to get trophies/achievements for it without “boosting” with friends and eventually the servers got shut down due to inactivity and the fact that the game is pretty old. At this point in time anyone who wants a platinum trophy or a 100% completion score has to suck it up since you can’t even play the multiplayer anymore, which is annoying.

Now I am mostly talking about competitive multiplayer modes. I don’t really have an issue with most online cooperative modes (as I said, I like Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer). For example I didn’t see an issue with adding co-op into Dead Space 3, other than that it takes away from the “horror” aspect. I think that for the most part, competitive multiplayer modes like the ones I have mentioned are just a hassle. I mean I just don’t care about them enough and honestly would probably be just as happy if not happier without them (then I could finally get a platinum trophy for Tomb Raider). I think my big issue is that, when it comes to previously established single player series’, it’s just flat-out unnecessary. I don’t think I’d really have an issue if the game is a brand new IP and happens to have both single player and multiplayer, but when they add in random multiplayer it’s a whole other issue. I’m not the only person out there though, so…

What’s Your Take?

  • Are you for or against multiplayer add-ons?
  • Does it bother you at all or do you just ignore it?
  • Does added multiplayer influence your decision to buy or not to buy a game?
  • Do you find multiplayer to be a hindrance or do you like the challenge? (in regards to trophies/achievements)

*Be sure to add any points/questions I may have missed!*