Are you a fan of the famous comic book hero Superman and a gamer who wants to see the two worlds combine in some kind of awesome way? You are not alone! In this fantastic guest post the author goes over some past games, some similar games, the upcoming Superman/Batman movie and of course asks the question on everyone’s mind – will we ever see major Superman video game? Be sure to leave any feedback in the comment sections and give all credit to the proper author (not myself). Enjoy, friends!

Could We See A Major Console Superman Game Soon?

Written by Stuart Keller



Some of the loudest buzz in the film industry over the last several months has been that surrounding the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” film (which, by the way, is not the official title). Long story short, the sequel to the somewhat-underwhelming Zack Snyder film Man Of Steel is set to expand the DC universe in a very Marvel-esque way, bringing Batman (who will be played by Ben Affleck) into the fold in an as yet unknown capacity. The film will be debated, speculated about, and analyzed to no end leading up to and following its release, but my own main focus regarding the release is in another industry. More specifically, I’m wondering if a Superman release this big will finally bring us a major Superman video game to live up to the iconic comic book hero.

Superhero games over the past decade or so, on modern consoles and devices, have been largely disappointing. There are a few exceptions, of course. Spider-Man has been in some very good games, and the Arkham series for Batman has been top-notch. But generally speaking, it’s tough to tell when a character will translate well to gaming. To put in perspective just how tricky it’s been for any game developer to release a major Superman game with any success, here’s a recap of some of the most high-profile games to hit shelves in the past several years for the world’s biggest hero.

In 2006, EA collaborated with DC to release Superman Returns for PS2, Xbox 360, PSP, and Nintendo DS, and the game met a fairly poor reception. Loosely based on the action of the film Superman Returns, the game was an ambitious attempt to bring the full range of Superman’s powers to a console experience, and ultimately the experience was somewhat erratic, and, truthfully, lacking in both story and variety. There really hasn’t been a major console attempt at a Superman-centered game since this one.

There are, however, more modern games that at least feature Superman in some capacity. But here are the most prominent examples:

    • In 2013, the successful and wildly enjoyable major console game Injustice: Gods Among Us brought several heroes to life in vibrant fashion, and Superman was a part of the action. However, he was ultimately more of a supporting character than a main focus, with Joker and Batman stealing most of the spotlight.


    • Currently, the Betfair online arcade is hosting a Superman slot gaming option, which capitalizes on the image and name of the popular hero. The game is perhaps more popular due to its coinciding release with the Man Of Steel film franchise, and it’s an enjoyable twist on a slot arcade game.


    • The iOS app store released a Man Of Steel game to accompany the film release in 2013, and as IGN made note of at the time, the game largely missed the mark. Focusing, seemingly, on sharp graphics and action-packed gameplay, the app ignored any charisma that ought to be assigned to Superman, and was ultimately a forgettable gaming experience.


All in all, not a lot of excitement for those looking for a Superman gaming adventure! But again, with all the hype that’s already attached to the next Man Of Steel film, perhaps there’s hope for a major console game to come. Given the increased focus on “open world” gaming formats (which is ideal for a hero who can fly the span of a city in seconds), and some of the success that Batman and Spider-Man have enjoyed in modern console masterpieces, it’s certainly conceivable that the continuation of the film franchise could inspire another major console effort. Here’s hoping, at any rate!

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