It’s safe to say that there are no “good” elitists, but in this discussion LadyCroft3 and Fysh will discuss who they think are the worst types of elitists in the gaming community. For general information, the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the word elitist as “being or characteristic of a person who has an offensive air of superiority and tends to ignore or disdain anyone regarded as inferior” and describes the same word as “A person who believes that they are superior to others (and thus deserve favored status) because of their intellect, social status, wealth, or other factors”. Synonyms for the word elitist include snobby, persnickety, and aristocratic. Urban Dictionary of course labels a few more colorful/choice words as synonyms. When it comes to the video game community there are all kinds of elitists; console elitists, PC elitists, genre elitists, etc. All are obnoxious in their quest to somehow prove that what they prefer is superior to all other things but only one type can really be called the worst of the worst. Below are our thoughts on who we think deserves that title.

LadyCroft3’s Take

For me, this one is easy. I chose this topic after having one too many bad experiences with a certain type of elitist and I wanted to A) share my official opinion on those folks, and B) see if you all agree or think some other kind of elitist can possibly be worse. Here it is: I think that PC elitists are the worst kind of elitists there are and let me tell you why. I have (as I said above) had a few too many negative personal experiences with PC elitists. These experiences have caused to leave certain forums/online communities as well as given me the need to distance myself from certain friends and acquaintances. My main issue isn’t so much that they are elitists or that they like PC’s more than consoles as far as gaming platforms go, it’s that they are always rude and they always weasel their way into people’s conversations and ruin them.

For starters, it’s impossible to talk about video games at all around these people without it turning into an all out war against anything that isn’t a PC. You don’t even have to bring up a platform or talk about consoles in particular, they seem to like debating and thus seek out and create their own strife. All you have to do is say “Hey, I like _____ game!” and it instantly turns into “Are you playing it on PC? NO?! PC MASTER RACE SAYS YOU SUCK AT LIFE!” which is beyond aggravating. I play on consoles mostly but I also play games on my PC now and again so personally I don’t ever really choose sides, but the second I mention that I bought a PS4 or that I prefer consoles it’s war – on me, on my intelligence and eventually on things like my gender or personal life choices. I can take the debating as I consider myself pretty well-informed, but why do I have to? I shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of my gaming choices. No one should.

A recent example of this was noted by myself upon seeing Bioware post to Facebook with the question “Which platform will you be purchasing Dragon Age: Inquisition for?”. The question seems simple enough, considering the game is coming out on last gen, current gen and PC so there is a few to choose from. Reading the comments was a joke as almost immediately it was turned into the “if you aren’t getting it on PC you are getting the inferior version” and “PC, any other choice is for idiots” environment, making it difficult for anyone else to answer without backlash. It’s never just that they prefer PC and that’s that. It almost always leads to hateful name calling against anyone who chooses different. There were some comments implying console elitism of course such as “I’m getting it on the only platform that matters, the Xbox One!” or “PS3 is the only way to go” but nothing that particularly insulted anyone else’s choice, that I saw. It’s this behavior that differentiates PC elitists from all others – the need to be hateful to others.

You might be thinking that console elitists are no better and while I agree that all elitists are bad in their own way, trust me when I say that nothing is as bad as PC elitists. Console folks will throw low blows, referring to Microsoft as “M$” or saying Sony is a failure of a company, which are obviously meant to piss off the opposition but when it comes to PC elitism – in my personal experience – it always gets personal at one point or another. These PC elitists not only think of their chosen platform as superior but they also tend to consider themselves as people to be superior which leads to the whole “talking down to everyone else/resorting to cheap personal insults to make their point” debate tactics. I’ve been called stupid, moronic, dumb, a fangirl (in the most negative way possible, of course), a bitch and nearly every other insult in the book simply because I don’t mainly play on a PC. The worst thing a console elitist called me was a “Sony Pony” and I’m still not even sure what that means. I could give more examples, I can even direct you to actual individuals that I know who can prove my point, but we don’t have all day. Bottom line is that in my life as a gamer I have always, and will always, consider PC elitist to be the worst of the worst.

Fysh’s Take

Elitists are bad in any situation, but there is a particular stigma in gaming. No one likes to be told they are stupid or inferior for liking something different, and no one wants to agree with someone who puts themselves on such a high pedestal as these people do. I think that console favoritism elitists are terrible enough, with overly exaggerated praises for their console of choice, and nonsensical bashing of the consoles other than the one of their choice. Of course it is ok to have a favorite console, and if you have sound reasoning, or even just an understanding that your opinion is just that, an opinion, then you are by no means guilty of being an elitist. All that said, I would say that PC gaming elitists are a cut above the rest in the levels of atrocity that elitism is saturated in.

Let it be known that I own a gaming PC and am a proponent of the many qualities PC gaming possesses that may be considered positive and perhaps better than other methods of gaming. But I also recognize the flaws and drawbacks in PC gaming, and fully embrace console gaming for its beneficial qualities as well. I own several consoles simply because I like to enjoy all that gaming has to offer. All of that said, let us move back to the topic of discussion. I have found that PC elitists tend to be the most aggressive of the bunch. They are also most ready to bash other gamers for playing on consoles with no real reasoning or thought put into their arguments. In fact, they typically don’t even make arguments. They simply state what they believe as indisputable fact, and look down on anyone who does not agree with them. They will go on and on about “superior GPU’s” and “way more RAM” without even looking into what is in the latest consoles. They won’t take into account the fact that the ridiculous bleeding edge gaming rig they have costs at least double the price of the best consoles today. They will also complain that gaming is being held back by consoles, regardless of the fact that without consoles, I doubt gaming would have reached as broad an audience as it has at this point. I know one person in particular who simply refuses to even acknowledge that certain games are just as popular on consoles, and refuses to play games on consoles even though he can’t afford a beastly gaming rig.

What’s Your Take?

  • Who do you think are the worst elitists in the gaming community? Why?
  • Did you make your choice based on personal experience? If so, could you share that experience?
  • Are there equally bad elitists or is there one that takes the cake above all others?

Share your thoughts/opinions. Get loud, be heard, speak your mind! We’d love to read your feedback.