Yet another E3 is upon us and every year around this time video game bloggers like myself struggle to bring you, the reader, all the newest information possible. It’s a tough gig, trying to watch the announcements and press conferences while simultaneously trying to write and get posts out throughout the day(s). To be honest, I try to avoid that mess and leave the hard work to the professions (or at least the bloggers who are more talented than myself). Last year I did a summary post after E3 in which I went over all the big/cool/new announcements and I plan to do the same this year.

This format makes it easier for me to enjoy E3 while still relaying all the important stuff back here to LSZ. Not everyone gets to watch the event so I like it inform those people but I also like to just share my thoughts on the big E3 news. If you are able to watch all the E3 shenanigans then you may still want to take a look at the post in order to see my thoughts as well as share your own. It’s sort of an open discussion type of thing.

In case you are interested in what I am looking most forward to at this year’s E3 event I have written up a little article about my anticipation on Geek Force Network. Feel free to give it a once over! Otherwise I will be seeing you all later on in the week with a wrap-up post.

Knowing me I will also be live tweeting my thoughts and crazed excitement-ridden comments on Twitter so if you are interested please follow me on there (@LadyCroft_3).

Have a great E3 everyone! Remember to keep an open mind, stay positive and freaking enjoy yourself!