Rant: Why I Hate GameStop (Video)

I decided to take to YouTube to discuss my dislike of GameStop with you all. I tend to be pretty vocal about my hatred of GameStop as a company, but I rarely take the time to get into my reasons for feeling that way. Because of that I figured it was time to get into it for once and so I made a video about it in which I discuss my main reasons for hating GameStop. This is the first of what I hope to be a line of videos like this. Not all of them will be rants but on occasion I feel like I can talk about a certain subject better than I can write about it.

Slight disclaimer: I apologize for the quality of the video, I know it sucks (especially the sound quality). I was experiencing some technical difficulties and had to resort to using improper equipment. I plan for the next video to look and sound a lot better. In a way, this was a test.

There’s also a part where I mention that there are two scenarios which occur when shopping at GameStop and proceed to talk about one but forget to mention the other. The second thing that happens is that the employee is lazy and ignores you. My mistake. If I were better at editing videos I could have just added that in but alas I am not so this is what happened. Anyway, the video is embedded below, give it a look and let me know what you think!


Have anything to add? Be sure to comment on the video or on this post to get the discussion rolling!

2 thoughts on “Rant: Why I Hate GameStop (Video)

  1. When I was once a regular customer, I usually got the “buying this game for your kid?” routine or being talked to like I was clueless. Their general customer service was just the worst — ignoring people who might have needed help or spending way too much time gabbing (or arguing) with people at the check-out counter. Though I have to say that there is one Gamestop near me that isn’t completely incompetent. The employees there have been genuinely nice and helpful. If it wasn’t for Gamestop’s crappy policies and corporate attitude, I’d probably aim to shop there more.


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