Hello there, folks! I just wanted to give everyone a few quick updates on the current state of things here at linksaveszelda.com. Nothing is wrong or anything, don’t worry, but things are definitely going to be changing around here for a little while.


Among the changes, and the most important I’d wager, is the posts. While I obviously plan to keep on writing reviews and editorials I have to admit that they will be slow coming for the next few months. As some of you know I have gotten myself a new job at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. It’s a great job and all that, but this does mean that I will be working 40-50+ hour weeks up until the holidays and if I am kept on as a permanent employee (I’m seasonal at the moment) then I will be working 40 hour weeks regularly. Right now I am having a hard time adjusting, it’s hard work and I’m often rather tired at the end of the day. I will probably only be writing on my days off which means there wont be a ton of content posted in the next couple of months.

I’ll also be moving out of my house and into an apartment with my fiance in about 2 weeks. I have lived at the same house since I was born, this is my first time moving, so I will be a bit busy with that in a couple of weeks. I probably wont have internet right away either, so that will also impact my ability to write and post content here on LSZ. I’m also planning a wedding and have a lot to do with that before the end of the year, again further impacting my ability to write due to lack of time. It’s an exciting time for me, new job, moving out, getting married – but all these things will be making it tough for me to write stuff and post it up for you all.

While content may be sparse, I am still here and most likely still writing, just slowly. I have a couple of reviews in progress for Hyrule Warriors and The Evil Within, so expect those soon. A couple of other games are coming out this month, namely Assassin’s Creed Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition for me, and I obviously plan to review those as well. I have plans for a handful of editorials too, so you can look forward to those. With the end of the year approaching you can also expect some sort of Game of the Year post or series of posts, as I love to do those annually. Basically, there are still cool things in store for all you readers, but they wont be coming at a as fast a pace as I’d like to come so bear with me.

TL;DRI wont be writing a ton for the next couple of months because life is making me sleepy but it’s all super exciting and stuff so I’m happy but content here will take a hit as far as post frequency goes. 

All that being said, I’d like to again extend my hand to any guest writers who would like to submit an article to LSZ. If you have an idea for an article or a review for a game I have not played or planned to review, let me know. I’d love to share your articles with my readers! Here is a link to some of the basic guidelines, you can also drop me a line at linksaveszelda1@gmail.com with further questions or concerns (about anything, not just guest posts).

That’s about it for updates, as far as I know. Keep an eye out for further updates posted by me via my Twitter and Facebook Page. I hope you all have a great end of the year, these are the best two months so enjoy them! Also, happy holidays for those of you who celebrate during these next two months as well. Break out the pumpkin spice lattes and holiday music, it’s the most wonderful time of the year after all.

I love you all, never stop being awesome! XOXO

~Kelly (LadyCroft3)