At the beginning of this year I wrote an article dictating all my hopes and dreams for the video game community as well as what video games I was most excited for in the year 2014. As the year 2015 creeps up I’d like to revisit my initial post and see how things went this year, if anything was what I hoped for and how the games I was most excited about stacked up.

I began with the hope of seeing more female representation in video games in the year 2014. I think this dream has been realized, though there is still progress to be made. We saw quite a few promising female characters throughout the year who were presented in an equal way to male characters. With more awareness being made of the blatantly sexist nature of certain video games, developers seem to being taking it into consideration when creating their games. I believe that we also saw a spike of female representation in the gaming community. Many female developers and players have made themselves heard this year, which is a great thing despite the traumatic circumstances in which this had to happen, which I will get to later.

Next I discussed how I wanted to see more new IP’s. I think this was another dream that came true thanks to games like Destiny, The Evil Within, Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor and a plethora of fantastic indie games. There are also a variety of new IP’s still slated to release throughout the year 2015 so I see this whole idea of actually taking the time to make something new is finally catching on, which is fantastic. I believe that game developers are taking the feedback that the gaming community is giving them and using it to make new IP’s we want rather than rehashing games we liked last year and the year before.

Lastly I hoped to see less infighting among the gaming community. This dream crashed and burned, dying a horrible fiery death thanks to Gamer Gate. The hell-fire that is Gamer Gate ruined any hope of more positive interactions among the gaming community as a whole this year, though I suppose I can still cross my fingers for next year as this whole septic mess seems to be losing steam rather quickly. The only good thing to come of all this was the brave women within the industry and the community who stood up and fought back against the blatantly misogynistic “movement”, making their voices heard as well as rallying those within the community who have half a brain against those who supported Gamer Gate.

As far as games go, I was surprised by this year. Many of the games on my previous list were delayed and have yet to come out but a handful of them were released, all of them being good games. I was also taken aback by a few unforeseen gaming gems this year including Dragon Age: Inquisition and Child of Light. All in all I’d say it’s been a pretty good gaming year. I’m looking forward to next year, there are going to be a lot of hard-hitting games released next year like Batman: Arkham Knight and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. I’m also looking forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider immensely, though I’m not getting my hopes up for it since I feel like it probably wont come out until 2016.

While this year has had its share of pure garbage moments and games, I’d like to think it wasn’t all bad. Times like these make me question things and looking forward I am still glad that I am a gamer, even if the gaming community continues to fail me as a woman and a human being. I know some awesome people who make it all worthwhile, I’m still having fun playing video games, and that is what it’s all about: fun games and good friends. Here’s to the year 2015 and hoping that things get better within the community and that more great games are released.